There Were Close Calls and Threats Before the Missionaries Were Kidnapped in Haiti.

There Were Close Calls and Threats Before the Missionaries Were Kidnapped in Haiti.

The danger could be seen all around them before they were abducted in Haiti. In a blog post, someone from the Christian Aid Ministries group described an escape from a group of men near the airport in Port-au-Prince.

A man in black with a knife was yelling for money. Two people came and more and more. They pulled on the arm. The man couldn’t do whatever because there were so many arms there.

There were people jumping on the back of our truck. They were hanging off of it. We tried to keep going, but we hit a large rock that was not seen by the people on the truck’s hood. The men tried to cut our tires, but they failed.

“I don’t know how we got out of there without any shots being fired. The people who were there didn’t want to fight with us, so they let us go.”

A goat stands in the yard of an orphanage in Ganthier, Haiti. There are 17 missionaries who have been Kidnapped in Haiti at the Maison La Providence de Dieu orphanage in Ganthier.

More signs of trouble were coming. In 2020, the group’s home base in Titanyen, a village north of Port-au-Prince, received threats from a local gang. This was mentioned in another blog post.

Gangs fight each other on calm nights with rapid gunfire. The CAM base in Haiti has been targeted by the local gang. They demand money and food, then they vandalize CAM vehicles and threaten with violence.

That same year, the group’s annual report said that it had been forced to pull American staff out of Haiti for nine months because of political unrest. They came back.

On Saturday, 17 members of Christian Aid Ministries were Kidnapped in Haiti by the 400 Mawozo gangs after visiting an orphanage in Croix-des-Bouquets. The group ranged in age from 8 months to 48 years old.

Some people were taken, hostage. They had just arrived in Haiti. It was earlier this month.

The people have been captive for four days now. The kidnappers have demanded $1 million per hostage or a total of $17 million. They have not been swayed by the warnings that they will be punished if they harm the hostages.

The 400 Mawozo has 150 members, and they are known for kidnapping groups. They also control Croix des Bouquets in Haiti. In April, five priests, as well as two nuns, were kidnapped and later freed after someone paid them a ransom.

Haitian’s are getting lots of attention. WorldWide

Gangs control 60% of the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area. This means that they control many places in the city, and they can do what they want. Gangs leave people without basic services and transportation. There are only 200,000 people with access to these things because gangs don’t like them and won’t let them do anything.

Poverty and political instability cause a lot of violence in the city of 1 million people. There are too many people who have been Kidnapped in Haiti and attacked.

Christner and Merline are married. They are from Port-au-Prince. In January, they were Kidnapped in Haiti on their way out of the church. They were sitting in the car with hoods on their heads when they thought about this: You either come back residence, or you don’t return at all.
This couple waited in a room for five days. They only got food and water once a day.

The kidnappers were going to decide what they would do with the people they Kidnapped in Haiti. They were freed after their chapel raised enough money to pay for them. It was a lot of money, but most Haitians couldn’t afford that much.

Since January, at least 645 kidnappings have taken place. Of these, 42 were foreigners, and 4 were foreign residents. These numbers come from the nonprofit organization CARDH in Port-au-Prince.

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In the first nine months of this year, 550% more kidnappings were reported than in the same period last year.

Jean, who lives in Port-au-Prince, told CSU World Record that the kidnappings of American missionaries this week speak volumes about how the world values Haitian lives.

Kidnappings in this country have been happening for so long. Why didn’t anyone talk about them then? It’s because they are less important. But the world is talking about foreigners now because they’re more important.

Haiti’s economic outlook has been bad, and then it got worse. There was an assassination of their president. This made the country’s security crisis really bad.

More than 15,000 people are fleeing their homes. The reason is gang violence and arson. Life in Port-au-Prince is hard because of inflation, blackouts, and shortages of food and fuel. These things happen because of gang activity that keeps people from delivering food or gas to the area.

Gangs have been getting more powerful, which puts pressure on the government. Recently, a gang truce helped make it possible for humanitarian aid to go to the Martissant neighborhood in the city.

On Sunday, the Prime Minister had to change his plans about something. He wanted to lay a wreath on someone’s grave on Monday, but he had to backtrack. It was because of something that happened with gangs.

Samayoa said: “While security forces are overwhelmed and understaffed, criminals have also gained access to deadlier weapons. These weapons are much higher powerful than the police’s equipment!”

Samayoa said that in addition to these other factors, collusion with police agents and politicians is really high. That makes it hard to know who can be trusted.

Gangs can “wield territorial control” over areas of the capital. One reason is that people often live in neighborhoods with gangs. Mr. White said that kidnappers could take many people at the same time because they are not under pressure to conclude cases quickly or quietly. This means that there is a rise in the kidnapping.

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