Seoul Says North Korea Tested Possible Submarine Missile

Seoul Says North Korea Tested Possible Submarine Missile

Yesterday North Korea fired a missile. It was for a submarine so they could do military things. People in South Korea didn’t like it because nobody likes North Korea.

The launch came after the U.S. reaffirmed that they would resume diplomacy with North Korea on their nuclear weapons program. It is important to know that North Korea continues to grow its military capabilities even though there has been a pause in diplomacy with them.

North Korea fired a missile. The South’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement. It was from the waters near Sinpo, which is an eastern port. They think it might be a submarine-launched ballistic missile. The South Korean and United States militaries are analyzing it now.

The South Korean military said that the missile was launched from a boat. They did not say if it was fired from a boat underwater or on the surface of the water.

The Japanese Defense Minister says that the North has fired two missiles. Japan’s coast guard told ships to be careful, but they did not know where the missiles landed.

Sinpo’s shipyard is a place where North Korea builds submarines. The North also uses the shipyard to build other things that are used on submarines, like missile launchers. North Korea last tested an SLBM in October.

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Analysts thought that the North would resume testing weapons after they showed off new missiles. The country has also been trying to build a submarine that they can use to carry more than one missile.

South Korean officials had a meeting, and they were not happy about the North Korean missile launch. The South Koreans might get angry with them because they have been saying that the North should stop testing missiles but meanwhile, the South Koreans have been growing their own military forces.

Japan has shown North Korea that they are angry. They have sent a strong protest through the usual channels, which means their embassy in Beijing. Japan and North Korea do not have any diplomatic ties.

Seoul Says North Korea Tested Possible Submarine Missile

North Korea’s latest missile launch did not pose a threat to people in the U.S., its territory, or its allies.

The U.S. will not allow North Korea to do anything else that might hurt us. The U.S. says that North Korea should stop doing anything like this because it is dangerous, and we feel angry about how they have done this to us. Easley says North Korea can’t afford to appear as if they are behind in a regional arms race with their southern neighbor.

North Korea’s SLBM probably isn’t ready to be used with a nuclear warhead. North Korea has been working on the way to fire missiles from submarines for a long time. It wants this so it can have more power and can reach the USA.

Experts say it would take many years, many resources, and major improvements in technology for North Korea to build a fleet of submarines that can travel silently in the sea.

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Within days, Biden’s special envoy for North Korea will be meeting with people in Seoul to talk about whether or not they can have talks with North Korea. The United States and North Korea have not been able to agree on releasing sanctions against North Korea or how to get North Korea to stop being nuclear.

North Korea is trying to get something from the United States. North Korea wants some of what the U.S. has. But they can’t do this because Washington will not let them have some of what they want. When North Korea asks for things, Washington doesn’t give them some of what they want or need. The U.S. still wants to talk to North Korea and doesn’t want any trouble. We will talk with them without making demands.

Last week, Kim Jong Un had a military exhibition. He showed missiles to launch nuclear strikes on the U.S. mainland during his exhibition and said that he would strengthen his army so it can’t be beaten by the U.S. He also said that the U.S.’s offers for talks without preconditions is just a

The country has been testing new weapons over the last month. They tested a new missile that might carry nuclear warheads and a hypersonic missile. The test of the hypersonic missile came shortly before North Korean Ambassador Kim Song called for an end to joint military exercises and to deploy strategic military assets in his speech at the U.N.

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