Meghan Mccain Slams ‘the View,’ Recalls ‘hostility’ From Whoopi and Joy in a New Book

Meghan Mccain Slams 'the View,' Recalls 'hostility' From Whoopi and Joy in a New Book

McCain will release his new book, ‘Bad Republican,’ on audible this week. Meghan McCain has said a lot about her time on The View. She left a few months ago, and she had many different things to say.

In her memoir, the conservative host talks about why she left. She had a bad work environment and bad relationships with people on The View. In her new book, Bad Republican, the TV personality talks about the past four years of her life as she was on The View.

CSU World Record has obtained an excerpt from the book in which she writes about a moment when her journey on the show changes. This is what led to her leaving the show. McCain starts the passage by saying that she had “good memories” of her time on the show. She also says that one of the best things about being on a TV show is being part of something so iconic, and she knows that most jobs on TV are stressful.

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She wrote that the show is like drama. It makes people behave badly. Goldberg promised McCain she would take care of her when she joined the show four years ago. She only kept her word for two years before leaving. “The thing about Whoopi is that she has tremendous cultural and television influence. And if she doesn’t like you or what you have to say, it might be difficult to handle. As the years went by and her open contempt for me grew more apparent, I found her dislike for me more and more challenging to manage.

Meghan Mccain Slams 'the View,' Recalls 'hostility' From Whoopi and Joy in a New Book


McCain talks about two times with Goldberg. The first time was when McCain interrupted her. And the second time, when she didn’t answer McCain even though it wasn’t in the passage, that is when McCain interrupted her co-host Sunny Hostin.

During her essay, McCain referred to moments when she and Behar were on the verge of breaking down. One of these periods was a “tipping point” for McCain.  On her second day back after maternity leave, she says, “Joy, you missed me so much while I was on extended leave! You missed bickering with me!”
“I didn’t miss you,” she said. Behar responded, “I didn’t miss you once.”

“No one had ever articulated to me in such a way that it hurt as much as when she yelled at me,” she adds. It sounded like a slap in the face. I trusted her.”
Goldberg and Behar haven’t said anything about McCain. The View is in its 25th season and is waiting for a replacement for him.

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