Jordan Klepper Relentlessly Trolls Trump Fans At ‘Totally Normal’ MAGA Rally

Jordan Klepper Relentlessly Trolls Trump Fans At ‘Totally Normal’ MAGA Rally

Jordan Klepper went to Donald Trump’s rally in Iowa on Saturday and found some people who believe he won the election. They also believe that Barack Obama is still president of the United States.

The correspondent of the show found something strange. It was even stranger than what he had already found.

The MAGA people have pictures of Trump on a velociraptor with a machine gun. They also have flags for the Confederate States of America. Klepper found people at the rally who were angry about how there was no respect. People said that they were mad because there was no good behavior. Some people believed in fake things like QAnon. Jordan Klepper talked to one person who was not part of a cult, which is what some people said about them.

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Klepper asked which Trump comment she liked best, and she said, “whatever he says, I just like it.”

It was Klepper’s first time at a Trump rally since January 6th. He called it “a day no one will forget unless you’re a Republican Congressman.”
The comedian, Klepper, made fun of Trump supporters and conspiracy theorists in his recent performances. He visited an anti-masker rally last month and an anti-vaxxer event in August.

In Spring, he showed people at a partisan recount effort how hard it is to make something up. And then they made a b…..t thing that I just made up.

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