How Kourtney K. Helped Travis Barker Overcome Fears After Plane Crash

How Kourtney K. Helped Travis Barker Overcome Fears After Plane Crash

Travis Barker may be flying high in both love and the sky, thanks to his association with Kourtney Kardashian.

After being in conjunction for less than a year, longtime pals Jenner and Barker got engaged this past weekend in Montecito, Calif. — with Jenner, 45, getting down on one knee during a display of roses and white candles and proposing to her.

Despite their romance, they worked together to overcome a difficult problem. The drummer for Blink-182 has been scared of flying his whole life, but after he survived a plane crash that killed 4 people, the fear became too much. He stopped flying altogether. But now he is able to fly with someone who understands him and can help him if


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“With you, anything is possible,” Barker wrote in an Instagram post in August. He was holding up Kardashian in a hug when they were in front of the pink-striped plane that took them to Mexico. This was his first flight in 13 years. Since that summer trip, the couple has been to many places. They went to France and Italy. These trips are hard given what Barker lived through.

On September 19, 2008, after a performance, Barker boarded a plane. On the plane was his assistant Chris Baker and security guard Charles Still. The two pilots also died in the accident. A tire blew during takeoff and caused the aircraft to careen off the runway and then into an embankment.


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According to a profile in Men’s Health, Barker was covered in jet fuel and had flames on him. Goldstein put the flames out with his shirt. Barker had third-degree burns all over him. He was in the hospital for three months and had 26 surgeries. Nearly a year later, Goldstein died of drugs. Barker is the only one who survived.

Barker has struggled since the attack with an illness called “Post-traumatic stress disorder” and feels guilty about living. I couldn’t walk down the side street. If I saw an Aeroplane in the sky, I thought it was going to crash.

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In the interview, Barker said that he would fly again. He said, “I have to try. I want to make a choice to overcome this.” The couple’s jet-setting was made possible by a deal that Barker and Kardashian had. He went to Mexico and didn’t know he was going.

How Kourtney K. Helped Travis Barker Overcome Fears After Plane Crash

He made a deal with her. She said she wanted to travel with him. He said, “I would love it if you went to Italy with me.” She also wanted to go to Cabo, Paris, and Bora Bora. He said, “If you ever wanted to fly, I would help you. If you need help, I will do anything for you.” Then he said he would wait 24 hours to see if she needed his help.

Beyond exercises for breathing, he has Kardashian’s support, and that is not all. Jessica Stern, a psychologist and assistant professor at NYU Langone Health, finds it very important. It is not easy for people who have had a traumatic experience to recover. You can help them by talking to them about what they need. You may not always know how to help them, but you should ask.

Also, Stern said that the partner should make room for the other person to talk when they are ready. It is important to understand that sometimes people might not want to talk about something. This is ok. When they are ready, they will speak again.

“You should be patient,” Stern said.

And for the couple, they were able to do it with something as simple as a deal. Sid found that it is also effective. Some people find ways to have difficult conversations easier. You might want to try and talk in a way that is not so hard.

The two people named Barker and Kardashian won a deal. They got some good things and had a great time. It is still new to me, but having something that gives me the strength and hopes to be able to control things that were so traumatic in my life says a lot. She’s the one for me. I feel like I can do any-thing when I’m with her.

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