Ben Simmons Suspended 1 Game for Conduct Detrimental to Team

Ben Simmons Suspended 1 Game for Conduct Detrimental to Team

Simmons, the star point guard for the Philadelphia 76ers, has been suspended for one game. He will not play Wednesday in New Orleans. The Sixers’ announcement said that Ben Simmons had been suspended and would miss the 76ers’ first game of the season.

Per reports, today, Simmons was thrown out of practice by the coach. The reason for this is because he didn’t pay attention to what was going on. He has not been paying attention a lot since he returned from injury.

I heard that on Monday, after practice, Per Dan Gelston of The Associated Press saw Jimmy Simmons leave the team’s huddle. He was the only one who had not put his hand together in the middle of the huddle and counted to “1-2-3! Together!” He has practiced twice with the Sixers since he ended his holdout. The Sixers are hopeful that he will want to play again.

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Since last year, Simmons has been in the news. He was traded to another team, and then he decided to show up at practice without telling anyone. Tyrese ran the offense with the first team in a portion of practice that was open to the media. Shelton Simmons mostly stayed in a corner and stretched. He played defense on one drill and walked off without saying anything to a teammate.

Ben Simmons Suspended 1 Game for Conduct Detrimental to Team

Ben Simmons, the No. 1 pick in the 2016 draft, played with Joel Embiid, who is one of the cornerstones of this team. The Sixers had a good game, but they lost because Simmons was not shooting well. He only shot 34% from the free-throw line, and he didn’t want to take shots late in the game. That is why he sat on the bench for most of it.

He was the only missing starter from last season’s team. They were the top seed of the Eastern Conference. There are four other starters on their team. The president of their company has talked to other teams about trading Simmons, but they have not found someone who wants him yet. The Sixers edited Simmons out of the games that they showed to other teams. If something else happens, they may have to edit him in before Friday’s game against Brooklyn.

The Associated Press sent us information for this report.

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