Alex Murdaugh Is Denied Bond on $3m Theft Charges

Alex Murdaugh Is Denied Bond on $3m Theft Charges

An attorney in South Carolina had a bond denied. He was charged with something else after finding his wife and son dead last June.

Circuit Judge Clifton Newman decided after hearing lawyers say that Murdaugh used portions of $3.4 m in insurance money to pay off his father’s credit card bills, his own personal credit card bills, and checks to himself.

The amount was supposed to go to the sons of Murdaugh’s housekeeper. The judge said that this was because Murdaugh had a lot of money, and she also had a mental health problem. The judge ordered a psychiatric evaluation for Murdaugh. He will wait to see what the recommendation is before deciding on the bond. Murdaugh’s lawyers asked for Murdaugh to be released on his personal recognizance, but that was denied.

Murdaugh got arrested for insurance fraud in September. Murdaugh tried to arrange his own death so his son could get the money. But the shot only grazed Murdaugh’s head, and he is out on a personal recognizance bond.

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A judge in South Carolina said that he is thinking about keeping the lawyer Alex Murdaugh in jail until his trial. This is because he has stolen money, more than $3 million, from people who were not like him. The circuit judge said he would take 15 minutes to think about whether the housekeeper should be allowed out of jail. The prosecutor and lawyers for her sons told the judge that Murdaugh used the money to pay off his father, a credit card bill, and checks to himself for nearly $750,000.

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Newman said that if Murdaugh wants to be let out of jail, he will have to put money up for bail. Murdaugh already spent five days in jail after his second arrest in about a month. Murdaugh’s wife and son were shot to death, but the shooter is not known. Murdaugh stole $3 million of insurance money that was meant for his housekeeper’s children. He did not tell anyone or get it registered in court records.

Alex Murdaugh Is Denied Bond on $3m Theft Charges

The attorney said that the man was a liar and a cheat. He stole from us. South Carolina Assistant Attorney General Creighton Waters said Murdaugh took the money and put it in his personal account. This happened within months. “He had been carrying a $100,000 credit card balance for months. That’s paid off. He writes a check to his father for $300 grand and writes another check to himself for $610 grand. Not one dollar goes to this family.”

Mr. Waters asked for a bond of $200,000, and GPS monitoring after the man who tried to arrange his own death said that he is also dangerous to others.
Murdaugh’s lawyer, Dick Harpootlian, asked the court to give Murdaugh a personal recognizance bond. “He’s not going to run,” Harpootlian said. “That’s not where he is now. He needs more.” The judge said he didn’t think about that at all.

Murdaugh’s other lawyer, Jim Griffin, said, “The Alex Murdaugh who is not hooked on drugs has lived a good life. Only when he got falciform on opioids did things turn south, and he truly regrets his conduct.” Murdaugh has been on a recognizance bond since September after he tried to arrange his own shooting death. His son would get $10 million from the insurance company. A bullet that was going to kill him only hurt his arm. He was near Orlando, Florida, when he was arrested at a drug rehab center and brought back to South Carolina.

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State police are investigating a housekeeper’s insurance. The company accused the person of stealing. They said this happened over a long time, and it might be millions of dollars. It is a crime to obtain property by false pretenses. If you are caught, then it is possible that you will go to jail for up to 10 years. This means that if somebody tries to get their own death arranged, they could go up to 20 yrs in prison if they are caught.

Murdaugh says he did not do anything to his wife and son. He found them shot to death when he came home. The police were there, and they said nothing about who did it. They didn’t tell us whether someone else was the killer or not. Lawyer Murdaugh told Satterfield’s two sons that he would help them get money for their mom’s death. He recommended they hire lawyer Cory Fleming. But he didn’t tell them Mr. Fleming was a family friend of the family.

Murdaugh thrashes out more than $4 million in payments. He then had the checks sent to his own bank account, minus the fees and lawyer payments. A lawyer for the sons said that they had not seen any money from the settlements. Mr. Fleming promised to give the sons all the money he received and also will pay them an amount from a malpractice insurance policy.

The state Supreme Court has taken away the licenses of both Fleming and Murdaugh. Police are looking into Murdaugh and other family members. This is because he might have connections to a 2015 hit-and-run death and whether he or other family extremity tried to obstruct the investigation into the boat crash.
The Murdaugh family has been important in the legal community in Hampton County for many years. Three generations of them have been elected as prosecutors. The Murdaugh family founded a law firm that is good at suing railroads.

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