Arkham City Shows Why One DC Movie Villain Is Horrifying in Comics

Arkham City Shows Why One DC Movie Villain Is Horrifying in Comics

The movie The Suicide Squad gave people a different kind of Ratcatcher. It was sad and good. Ratcatcher 2, played by Daniela Melchior, was in the movie more than Ratcatcher. Taika Waititi’s performance as her father is when he was addicted and had a life of crime was really emotional. But in the game, Ratcatcher is too big and scary. Dan Watters and other people wrote the book The Order of the World.

After the Joker poisoned and killed most of the doctors and inmates at Arkham Asylum, my story takes place. The police are trying to find escaped prisoners. I am only one of the few people who survived, but now I work with them to find these criminals. The police find Otis Flannegan right before he can hurt a young girl. They were very close to catching him. Otis is very dangerous and can hurt people.

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Ratcatcher is holding a knife. He was under the little girl’s bed. Dr. Joy found him there. Ratcatcher is trying to hurt the Doctor and the child. A police officer comes to make Ratcatcher go away. Later, the detective tells Dr. Joy about Ratcatcher’s attack on other children. The attacker seemed to be trying to work up enough courage to eat his next victim. This behavior is different from the one in “The Suicide Squad.” That book was about a father who had flaws but loved his kids.

Arkham City Shows Why One DC Movie Villain Is Horrifying in Comics
Arkham City Shows Why One DC Movie Villain Is Horrifying in Comics

The person in The Suicide Squad called Ratcatcher is not a good role model. He is an addict, and he likes to steal things. But he would never hurt a child or eat one. Ratcatcher 2 remembers her dad, and she becomes a hero to the people in Corto Maltese.

In the DCEU, Otis is not as dangerous as someone who does wrong things like a criminal. But Watters isn’t the first person to show that Ratcatcher is a dangerous villain. This character has been in the DC Universe since 1988. He was first in Detective Comics #585 by Alan Grant, John Wagner, Norm Breyfogle, Ricardo Villagran, Adrienne Roy, and Todd Klein. Ratcatcher makes his comic book debut when he is already holding some people captive in a makeshift prison in Gotham. This sadistic streak in Ratcatcher made him a villain. He was put in place called Arkham Asylum for this.

Ratcatcher is a criminal, and he likes to eat people. This book has some really bad people. The movie’s Ratcatcher probably will not try to eat an eight-year-old girl. And he probably won’t torture people in sewers either.

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