Bow Wow Threatens to Skip ‘Millennium Tour,’ Demands More Stage Time

Bow Wow Threatens to Skip 'Millennium Tour,' Demands More Stage Time

Bow Wow acted like Ruffin before the show. He was mad Coz he wasn’t getting enough time to sing on stage. He said that he might quit if this happened again.

The rapper went on a long rant early Saturday morning. The next day they were going to perform with Omarion, Soulja Boy, Ashanti, and other artists.

As to what he was mad about, it sounds like there was some drama happening backstage.

The author wrote, “Too much complaining and b……g on this tour! Tonight might be my last show because of that.”

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This man’s complaints may sound vague, but he was more specific. It seems that he is upset because he does not have a chance to do what he wants with his setlist and how long he can play for fans.

Bow Wow complained, “This is the truth. I do 15 minutes every night. I can’t even do my full songs. AND I STILL BE BUSTING FOLKS A..! Do fans complain that my set is 15 minutes long? The only way you will see me tonight is if I do my full set! Straight

He was mad, and he said more in a live video. He said the idea for the tour came from him and that Omarion and everyone else was opening up for him.

Bow Wow Threatens to Skip 'Millennium Tour,' Demands More Stage Time

Oh, I got a hold of Shad, and they talked it out. This made Bow Wow change his mind. He said he would give the audience a great show, with him performing for more than 15 minutes.

Omarion loved it. He said, “I love the energy!” That’s great!

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