Netflix Has Renewed You for season 4

Netflix Has Renewed You for season 4

Netflix is streaming season three of “You”. Many people watched the season and are wondering when they will watch season 4.

Netflix renewed You for season 4 before the release of season 3. It was a surprise move to announce it before the show is back, but we knew that season 4 was going to happen. Netflix would never cancel this show!
We shared all of the important information about “You” Season 4. We told you when it would air, who is in it, and what the story is about.

The spoilers are here! If you want to know what will happen, keep reading.

You season 4: release date

Your season 3 came out in 2019. It was about 22 months until it finally came out, but most of that time was because of the pandemic. If not for the pandemic, season 3 would have come out early next year.

You might not be able to avoid production delays for season 4. They can happen in the industry. Netflix will probably release Season 4 of you sometime in the fall or winter of 2022. I don’t think they will wait for a very long time, but there is no way to know for sure.

Season 4 of the show is likely to be released near the end of 2023. That’s about 18 months after Season 3 has been shown. I hope that we don’t have to wait that long. For now, season 4 will be on Netflix in the last quarter of 2022.
We will share more information when we find out.

You season 4 cast

There is only one confirmed cast member for the show You. It is Penn Badgley. Joe Goldberg or Nick is back for season 4 because he was in season 3. Victoria Pedretti and the rest of the people from season 3 are not in it anymore.

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It will be very interesting to see what happens in season 4 of You. I hope that many of the main characters return, but only the ones that are still alive. If Joe goes back to Madre Linda, we might see Dylan Arnold and the rest of the cast in season 3. There’s a chance that we haven’t seen the last of Dottie Quinn either, played by Saffron Burrows.

I am also hoping that Victoria Pedretti will be in season 4 of Revenge. If she survived the fire and poison, I hope she is in flashbacks or if something else happened to her. I know it’s unlikely, but my hope is that season 4 is about Love tracking down Joe and making him pay.

Netflix Has Renewed You for season 4

It’s not impossible to see Tati Gabrielle in season 4, but I think the ship (Joe and Marienne) may have sailed.

You season 4 plot

We don’t know what Season 4 will be about. It is exciting because we don’t know what will happen. We know that Joe is free and believed to be dead, but we do not know the motivations of any of the other characters. Will anyone from Joe’s past believe that Joe is dead? We’ll have to wait and see

I am curious what Joe will do. He does not like to be with children, but will he find Henry in season 4? We also want to know what is happening with Joe.

I wonder if You four will follow Caroline Kepnes new book in the You series, titled You Love Me. The show follows Joe to a small town after he is sick of living in the big city. It does not seem that the show will follow this pattern, though.

In season 4, Joe will find a new person to become obsessed with. It’s a given! We will find out what happens with this person in the new season.


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