Maryland husband and Wife Arrested in Nuclear Submarine Spy Case

A couple from Maryland was arrested on Saturday. They are accused of trying to sell military secrets. Jonathan and Diana Toebbe were put in jail in Jefferson County. They were trying to sell secrets about the design of nuclear reactors on American submarines to someone who they thought was another country’s agent, but it was actually an undercover FBI agent. The Department of Justice said that they have a complaint. This complaint charges someone with transmitting information about our nuclear submarines.

A man named Jonathan Toebbe, age 42, works in the Navy. He and another person who is 45 years old sent information to some country. They offered to give them some information about the Navy in exchange for money. The Department of Justice said that Toebbe began correspondence by email with a person he believed to be from the foreign government. The person was really an undercover FBI agent.

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The FBI was trying to convince a man that he had successfully connected with a foreign agent. They did this by “conducting an operation in Washington, D.C.” Someone in an unspecified country wanted to talk with Toebbe. They put a signal in their area. The goal was to make Toebbe think that they were part of the intelligence service of the specified country. After some time, Toebbe agreed to sell restricted data for thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency.


Maryland husband and Wife Arrested in Nuclear Submarine Spy Case (1)

In June, the couple is alleged to have made its first drop of information in West Virginia. Diana served as a lookout. Jonathan Toebbe put an S.D. card in a sandwich at a location that Diana Toebbe helped him get to. She was the lookout while he did it.

There was a different exchange in August, and two people were arrested. This happened after a drop in West Virginia. The Department of Justice says that someone who bought information from the Toebbes paid them about $100,000 in cryptocurrency. The first payment was for $10,000, and the last was for $70,000.

The Toebbes, who lives in Annapolis, Maryland, will go to court in Martinsburg, West Virginia, on Tuesday. The case is a violation of a law signed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower to protect people’s secrets.

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