Timothy Simpkins: Here’s Why Internet Is Comparing School Shooter to Kyle Rittenhouse

Timothy Simpkins Here's Why Internet Is Comparing School Shooter to Kyle Rittenhouse

ARLINGTON, TEXAS: ARLINGTON, TEXAS: A student who is accused of hurting four people at a school in Arlington was let out of jail on October 7. On Wednesday, October 6, Timothy Simpkins opened fire on two other students who were arguing with him. He had a gun in his kit bag, and he used it.

The police report says that Simpkins, who was charged with three counts of aggravated assault, was transferred from the Arlington jail to the Tarrant County jail. They say he was released on Thursday afternoon, but his bond is set at $75,000.

A 13-year-old boy from Cummings Elementary School was critically injured in a shooting. A student was arrested.

Police believe the gun used in the crime is a 45-caliber handgun. They found it 2 miles away from the school on the street in Grand Prairie. The shooting sent two students, one teacher, and the shooter to the hospital. Two people are in the hospital were shot. One is a 15-year-old student, and one is a 25-year-old teacher. They are both in good condition. All of the people injured should be fine in time.

Simpkins’ family has published a lengthy Facebook post on Thursday, October 7, alleging that the youngster was “beaten, taunted, and harassed on an everyday basis.” The statement claimed that Simpkins was labeled a “menace to our society” who “had nothing to do with it.”

Timothy Simpkins Here's Why Internet Is Comparing School Shooter to Kyle Rittenhouse

Recently, Timothy was bullied at school. He was beaten, taunted, and harassed on a daily basis. He has also been attacked outside of school. A group of young men took his clothes and money while he was standing in front of a crowd. He has been humiliated and embarrassed more than once. He is scared to go to school or leave the house without an adult. People told officials about the problem, but they did not do anything.

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On social media, people were very interested in Simpkins’ case. People compared him to a teen gunman who killed protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin. But some of the comparisons were made in bad faith.

One tweet said, “Timothy George Simpkins wants schools to be safer. He was 18 years old, and he shot four people at a Texas school. The media says he is a bullied victim. Kyle Rittenhouse shot someone who was about to hit his head in, and the media called him a monster.”

Kyle Rittenhouse shot three criminals in self-defense. He is very upset because no law firms will represent him. Timothy Simpkins brought a gun to school and used it to shoot four people, including the teacher. He was very lucky because he got $25,000 bail and was released after 24 hours. A news tweet said that the bond for a criminal was $75,000. Another said that an 18-year-old shot four people at a school in Texas, and he got out of jail less than 24 hours later. A 17-year-old who shot someone before they could hit him in the head was sent to prison right away.

Rittenhouse, from Antioch, Illinois, was 17 when he shot two men and wounded another. He used a weapon that is like an AR-15 rifle while protesting a police shooting of a Black man. Rittenhouse posted $2 million bails and was released from custody in November 2020.

Rittenhouse is charged with three crimes: homicide, attempting to kill someone and possessing a gun when he was younger. His trial starts on November 1.
Many people pointed out the differences between Rittenhouse and Simpkins. One person said that it did not make sense to compare them. They wrote, “I swear white people want to seem oppressed so badly.” Kyle Rittenhouse killed two people. He is charged with murder. But Timothy Simpkins hasn’t killed anyone yet. One tweet said Kyle Rittenhouse had killed two more people than Timothy Simpkins.

One person said, “Are the same people defending Kyle Rittenhouse going to defend Tim Simpkins? Kyle went looking for trouble. He is not innocent of anything.”

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