Kate Beckinsale, 48 Years Old, Showed Off Her Tight Legs in Lace Tights on Instagram

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Kate Beckinsale, age 48, knows how to use a pair of combat boots. She has been filming her next movie but recently took a break to snap a quick picture. Kate is wearing a frayed tank top and lace skirt with matching lace tights. Her legs look very toned.

She is giving “legs for days” a whole new meaning:


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Kate stays fit by working out six mornings a week with her trainer. His name is Brad Siskind, and he helps her stay healthy. She rarely misses a workout, and she works hard when she is there.

Kate starts working out with a full-body workout. She does exercises that work two muscles at once, such as a biceps curl while squatting or sit-ups with thrusts.

Kate does a 90-second to the 120-second cardio interval before going back to the same eight exercises. Then she does another cardio interval, and at the end of her workouts, she stretches.

Kate Beckinsale (1)

When Kate needs a pick-me-up, she does a quick mini-trampoline workout in her kitchen. It is “the best,” she said and streamed her favorite classes with the LEKFit app. “It makes you feel a little happy!”

Sometimes, Kate will go to a yoga class when she is in a different country. She likes going to these classes when she meets new people because it’s good for her to have a workout without being in the same place as everyone else.

Kate does yoga workouts that Jessica James and Mandy Ingber do. She said, “I didn’t get hurt while making an action movie, and I think it’s half because I’ve been doing yoga.”

Kate only eats vegetables and protein. Before she exercises, she eats a plate of protein. For lunch and dinner, she likes salads with radishes, Brussels sprouts, and safflower oil; Salmon; and chips here and there.

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