Invincible Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Trailer and Latest News

Invincible Season 2 (2)

This year, a superhero story came on the TV. It starred many famous people. Amazon Prime Video has renewed this for two more seasons.

The animated series is based on a comic by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman. Some things were changed in the leap from the comic to the TV show.

Kirkman spoke at Comic-Con@Home and said that people could expect changes and twists, but they will try to adapt all of the comics.

The show will progress as it did in the first season. In future seasons, the show will sometimes follow the comic and sometimes not. The producers think that they can do a good job with the comic if they work hard. They want to change things up a lot like they did when Invincible fought Omni Man in season one.

This writer has written many books. They announced the arrival of two more villains in Angstrom Levy and Conquest but didn’t say who would be voicing them on the show. has all the information we know so far on Invincible season two. It has a release date, the cast, and more.

Will there be a Invincible Season 2?

There is no release date for Invincible season two yet. We will let you know when we know. On the day of the first season’s finale, Amazon Prime Video confirmed that Invincible had been renewed for two more seasons on the streaming service.

Kirkman shared a video with Steven Yeun on social media. He was happy about the news.

Robert Kirkman is happy with Amazon. They supported him and were Invincible. Cory Walker drew the comic book, and they loved it so much that they made an animated series about it!

The story will continue for at least two more seasons. We are excited.

Most streaming shows follow a pattern. It is called season two. It will happen in spring 2022.

Invincible season 2 cast

In the second season of Invincible, Steve Yeun, Sandra Oh, and JK Simmons are all expected to come back as their original characters.

The movie will have many famous people in it. The most famous one is Zazie Beetz, who was in Deadpool 2. There are others, too, like Walton Goggins and Mark Hamill.

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Comic-Con is a place where people come to find out about comics. People who want to know more about comics can go. Sometimes actors go there, too. One actor spoke at Comic-Con in July 2021, but he didn’t say who it was that he had in mind for the bad guy in his comic book series.

The show already has great talent, so who would be the voice of the Viltrumite warrior? That is a question for you to answer. But an announcement about this will come soon.

This first season we saw the original Guardians of the Globe get killed by Omni-Man, and The Immortal (Ross Marquand) had a brief return for the finale. We may not see him or any of the other Guardians again. Although there are some big names like Sonequa Martin-Green (Star Trek: Discovery) and Lennie

Invincible season 2 spoilers

The first season of Invincible had an episode where the main character Mark Grayson fought his dad. They were both really mad. It was close, but he won!

Omni-Man was about to kill his son, but he remembered the good times they had spent together, and he couldn’t do it.

Omni-Man flew away, but he will come back. We know that a Viltrumite invasion force is coming to Earth, and it has been weakened because all of its strongest heroes have left.

Invincible Season 2 (2)

Mark has a lot of enemies. The season finale showed them all. Mark is in danger because there are many bad people with guns, and he cannot always be safe. If he does not stop these bad people, they will keep hurting him and his friends.

Omni-Man was about to hit his son, but he remembered all the good things his son had done and couldn’t do it.

Omni-Man flew away, but he will be back in season two. We know that a Viltrumite invasion force is on its way to Earth because the heroes have been lost.

In addition to this threat, the season finale saw other foes that Mark would need to fight. For example, there are mob bosses and aliens who mind-control people in future episodes.

Invincible season 2 trailer

There’s no trailer for season two of Invincible. But we’ll let you know when it comes out.

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