What Is the Wear It Big Challenge? What We Know About the Viral TikTok Trend

What Is the Wear It Big Challenge What We Know About the Viral TikTok Trend (1)

Every week, new challenges and trends emerge on TikTok. Some of them are really dumb, but there are a few that might be fun to try.

What Is the Wear It Big Challenge What We Know About the Viral TikTok Trend (1)

In September, many new trends have taken over the social network service. Some are not good. One trend is that students steal things from their school.

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The Wear It Big Challenge is not as controversial and won’t anger anyone. It has been on every side for a while, but it is getting more attention lately. Many new videos are shared on the platform every day. If you want to do the challenge, then try to share your video too!

What is the challenge? Here is what it means.

What is TikTok’s Wear It Big Challenge?

The Wear It Big Challenge is a trend where you wear a loose-fitting, baggy t-shirt. Start with the shirt loss when the song starts. Then when it drops to the beat, pull in the shirt to show your true figure.
The hashtag #wearitbig has been seen 230.2 million times. The person who made the hashtag is not known yet, but hundreds of thousands of people are involved in the trend.

@stellispirelli do you know the movie? #iCarlyAffirmation #wearitbig #wearitbigchallenge ♬ Vokker & Darrow – Everyday – 辛宇-

@lunabeexx describe me using only an emoji #fyp #thick #wearitbig #HotwireHotelGoals #thicktok ♬ sonido original – Mechy Love ❤

Who does the Wear It Big Challenge usually help?

The trend is made famous by women on the platform. There are some men too, but most are female creators.

There is no point to the challenge, but some think that it might be empowering for women or that it might encourage them to feel confident.

Some people think that this challenge has sexualized and objectified women on social media.

@b_tnz Wear it big 😈 #wearitbig #wearitbigchallenge #linkinbio😏 #foryou #foryoupage ♬ sonido original – Mechy Love ❤

What song is played when there is a challenge?

People know that when you do a TikTok challenge, there is a specific song to go along with it. There are many different ones. One example is the 10 seconds vs. two hours of makeup challenge, which used Ritt Momney’s “Put Your Records On” as the music.

The song for the Wear It Big Challenge is “Everyday” by Darrow and Volker. It’s a song about wearing clothes that show your personality. The name of the challenge comes from the lyrics in this song which say, “wear it big.”

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