‘Houseki no Kuni’ Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

'Houseki no Kuni' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

In October and December 2017, the animated adaptation of Land of the Lustrous, a Japanese manga series by animation studio Orange that premiered in 2012, aired on television. The series captured audiences in a variety of ways, not simply with its stunning CGI imagery but also because it was an extremely intriguing tale. In fact, the series received such great acclaim from critics that they frequently referred to it as one of the finest in the decade and as a watershed moment for computer animation.

The first season of this show was really good. The end of the first season had some parts that were not good and left you with questions. Season 2 will answer these questions about what happened at the end of the first season.

What is Land of the Lustrous?

Houseki no Kuni is a manga series that was published in 2012. It’s still being written and drawn by Haruka Ichikawa. It’s a captivating fiction series with an engrossing narrative that engages the audience with every character and their flaws as each episode passes. It’s a type of drama that really immerses you in its story and wants you to find out what happens next.

The tale takes place in a post-apocalyptic reality where the earth has been irrevocably damaged by asteroids six times, completely altering life and matter around it. After a while, a new species had risen from the earth. These were genderless immortal sentient humanoids, with the weakest being Phos, who was exiled by his people.

'Houseki no Kuni' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Phosphophyllite wants to go into the battlefield. She wants to be praised by her friends and shows that she can do it. But before she can do that, she needs to compile an encyclopedia because of her fragile nature. At first, Phosphophyllite is hesitant about doing this project, but then she does it and encounters

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Cinnabar is an intelligent crystal that is in charge of the night. When Phos knew Cinnabar hated their job, they decided to help Cinnabar find a new job. Together they found one that’s better for both of them. Meanwhile, the other people with treasures are fighting against the people from the moon. They want to take advantage of how valuable these jewels are.

How Far Has the Manga Gone?

The manga was made in 2012. There are 11 volumes so far. The total copies that the series has sold was 56,765 as of August 31, 2014. It got nominated for the Manga Taishō Award in 2015.

How much of the manga has been covered in the anime?

The Japanese anime adaptation of the manga series, which was produced by animation firm Orange and ran for 12 episodes between October and December 2017, covers 31 chapters of the manga narrative. Given that the manga has over 85 chapters, there is enough material for a second season to emerge from it.

Other notable anime works from Orange Studio include Black Bullet and, more recently, Beastars, which is much better known than the former.

What is the second season?

Despite the fact that there is enough material for a second season, Studio Orange has yet to announce one. This is a bit of an odd turn of events given how well the first season performed and how manga sales nearly doubled after its anime premiere in October 2017. Unless, of course, the sole aim of the anime was to promote the manga series,

And if we look at the anime series’ popularity and rating on almost all platforms, it’s done very well. To summarize, there is no way Studio Orange would not be considering a second season of Dance with Devils. And even if it is considered now, we won’t expect it to fall until at least 2021 because animation is difficult to work, whether

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