Solo Leveling Anime: Everything You Want to Know

Solo Leveling Anime Everything you want to know (1)

With Season 1 of Solo Leveling manga, there is a lot of talk about if they will ever make an anime. People are talking about it on forums and other places. Some people even think that they know the answer. But we found out the truth for you!

Initially, the novel Solo Leveling was released, but then an adaptation in manhwa form was announced. The webtoon in manhwa form is one of the most read and popular webtoons on the internet.

The first season of the manhwa just finished with 110 episodes. Fans are waiting for the second season and also praying that there will be an anime adaptation.

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There are supporters around the world who want to watch anime. So they started a petition where they tried to get 150,000 people. That way, their voice will be heard, and other studios might make what they want.

Companies like Netflix are more likely to produce and publish your favourite anime on their site. People have started filling out surveys for Netflix, asking them to make movies and Tv Shows.

There are a lot of gossip about the latest movie, and we wanted to clear them up. This is why we wrote this article with the release date, trailer and cast.

Solo Leveling Anime: Release Date

We don’t know when the Solo Leveling anime will release yet. But we know that it is coming out soon. We think it will come out in February 2023 and have 12 episodes. It will be released on Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Funimation with English subtitles if it’s available.

Solo Leveling Anime Everything you want to know (1)

The manhwa will get an anime adaptation because the series is one of the most demanded series among anime fans. Some too many people want to see an anime of Solo Leveling, and the product makers can get a massive audience to watch the series. Nagatoro got an anime, Komi is getting an anime, and also Jay-sama is getting an anime.

Number Of Episodes?

People want to know if there will be an anime for Solo Leveling. They also want to know how many episodes will be released in the first season of the anime.

There are 24 episodes of the Solo Leveling Season 1 anime, and Season 2 has the rest, or all of, the chapters in Solo Leveling Season 1 manhwa.

You might only see 12 episodes in the first season of this anime. But then they might release more episodes. That is what happened to Tower of God Season 2.

Solo Leveling: Storyline

Solo Leveling follows the story of a hunter named Sung Jin-Woo. One day, he falls into a dungeon that is much stronger than it seems to be. He almost dies, but something happens, and he can see logs of quests like in games.

This game has quests that you can do. If you do enough, your rank will go up, and you will get stronger. Soon, he was the world’s best hunter, and all wanted to hire him.

The new anime will be exciting to watch. It is an animated Korean cartoon. We do not know when it will come out or who the voice actors are yet.

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