Black Butler Season 3: Review

Black Butler Season 3 Review

The Black Butler franchise had an exciting history. The still going manga, which gave us the anime adaptation in 2009 that only lasted 24 episodes. Strangely, it left no room for a sequel.

The series grew a new season in 2010. However, it wasn’t the same. At first, it appeared to be a fresh take on the earl and demon butler dynamic, but it wasn’t. It was a prolongation of the previous series and closed with a twist that enraged many fans. However, a live-action film adaptation of this story was produced in 2014 and was met with mixed responses from fans because it relocated the narrative to today’s times.

Later that year, an anime series was released that was different from other series. It did not continue with its anime canon but used the Book of Circus arc from the manga. This made it happen in the middle of Season One of the anime, and people who liked this part of the manga could watch it.

Ciel Phantomhive is a guard. Queen Victoria likes him because he does an excellent job of protecting her. He has been given the responsibility to look into a circus that was in town. This circus has been linked to missing kids, but no one knows where they are now. Ciel and his friend have gone undercover, so they can find the children and figure out what this circus is up to!

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This book of circus arc is early on in Ciel’s story. It takes place in the manga, Volumes 6 to 8. Near the end of it, it seems to change things that happen in the anime series. If you want to put this part into your headcanon (the stories you imagine), this is ok, but be careful when comparing it with the anime series since some features might not match up.

This is a famous story among manga fans. The anime staff adapted it to the screen. As the mystery deepens, it turns darker than expected. That’s why this story arc differs from other arcs in this comic book series.

Black Butler Season 3 Review

The anime is only ten episodes long. It’s interesting because there was a mystery in the circus, and we knew the characters already. Black Butler is a show that can make people laugh when it’s serious. That happens because it changes between circus acts and child murders. Ciel, the main character, does this best when changing performances regarding how well he can do them both at once. He had to do unpleasant tasks such as cooking and cleaning. Everything went wrong when he was undercover in the past or during trying times in his life.

Ciel can be more proactive as a result of the arc. In the first anime, he has to figure out how to obtain information and get himself out of tight spots on his own. When Ciel is sad, Sebastian assists him. However, in this chapter, because Sebastian is joyful, he does not oblige him as much.

In the beginning, he does a lot. But later on, he lets Ciel figure things out on his own or let new characters get used to each other. The storyline is good, and it ties up nicely. Although the ending isn’t happy, it’s worth it to get to know these characters who have been loved by fans already.

This is the next book in a series. It has some new people that might be hard to keep track of, so the book helps you know who they are if you’ve never read this series before. The undertaker is one of those characters and isn’t well-known yet.

The first episode shows what it would be like in Victorian times, but with a devilish twist. It does not work very well because there is only one episode.

I think the series changes a little. It is not as good as it was last time. I think the people at the production company are using more shortcuts than before, like when they use pictures of people instead of real people and when the horses in 3D look not so good because they’re not very realistic.

The opening animation is incredible. I think that the song that plays in it is excellent, too! It’s different from the one from last season. The spirit looks like a picture book with 3D and 2D art together. It also has some filters on it to make it look like old movie strips. The best part of the animation is when you see an opening scene with many fun colours to watch. In the end, there are some scenes where the music goes well with what you saw earlier in the episode.

The set does not include commentaries and trailers for Episodes 4 and 10 or the two OVA episodes for the Book of Murder manga arc. But it is still a good thing to buy.

The Black Butler series ended well. There is a new anime coming for it. I missed the Black Butler series, and I thought it was a good show. It had good characters, supernatural things happening, and it looked pretty too! You should watch this if you are a fan of the Black Butler series.

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