Justice Kavanaugh Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Justice Kavanaugh Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh was vaccinated, but he still got the coronavirus.

A court said that Kavanaugh had a routine coronavirus test and was told later that night that he had tested positive.

The statement added, “He has no symptoms and has been fully vaccinated since January.”

The court said that the other justices have not tested positive for something. Kavanaugh also tested negative for the same thing on Monday. The court starts a new term on Monday. We do not know how Kavanaugh will be able to take part in this term, but we hope he is ok and can come back soon.

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The court said that as a precaution, Kavanaugh would not attend the investiture ceremony for Justice Barrett. The ceremony was delayed because of a pandemic. More than two dozen people who attended President Trump’s announcement at the White House of Barrett as his nominee in September 2020 later tested positive for an illness.

The doctor is in the Capitol. Kavanaugh wore a mask and had security around him. The doctor takes care of judges in the Capitol.

The court said that Kavanaugh’s wife and daughters are vaccinated too. They tested negative on Thursday.

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