Lashana Lynch Hails No Time to Die as a ‘step Forward’

Lashana Lynch Hails No Time to Die as a 'step Forward'

Lashana Lynch believes “No Time to Die” does a good job of representing her culture. The 33-year-old actress is happy to be in the new Bond movie. She thinks that what they do with black women in the movie is a big change for the franchise. Lashana, who played Double 00 agent Nomi in the new movie, said, “I am really proud of this franchise for taking this step.”

“I’m very pleased with the way that they’ve characterized her. Given them the time in the film, I believe they have done her justice and served black women and my culture well. It was good to be able to talk with the producers and director about how best to represent this black woman in an honest and congruent manner.” Lashana said that ‘No Time to Die’ was a turning point for the franchise and the movie industry.

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She told Entertainment Weekly that she thinks they achieved something that could stand in good stead in cinema history. Elsewhere, Lea Seydoux has played the same role in the new James Bond movie. She had already played that same role in ‘Spectre.’ She thinks her character is more developed in this new movie.

Lashana Lynch Hails No Time to Die as a 'step Forward'

In Lea’s view, the character of Madeline has evolved since her first appearance in a James Bond film. Lea said: “We get to understand more of what Madeline is like.” She is not sexualized. She is more interesting and complex. I think that’s needed.

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