Britney Spears: Singer ‘on Cloud Nine’ After Conservatorship Ruling

Britney Spears Singer 'on Cloud Nine' After Conservatorship Ruling

Britney Spears says she is “on cloud nine” in what appears to be a response to the judge suspending her father as her conservator. The singer posted a video of her on the ground. She was getting a flying lesson. The video was posted shortly after it had been announced that Jamie Spears’s role had been suspended.

Spears’ lawyer hopes and expects the conservatorship will be fully terminated at the hearing on 12 November. Cher and Dionne Warwick are happy about the judge’s decision.


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Cher wrote on Twitter, “This will be the start of a new life Brit.” Warwick uploaded a Clip in which she expressed her full support. “I feel what Britney Spears is going through,” said the veteran soul star. “It must be hard to endure what she has been going through.”

LaToya Jackson said that she was happy for Britney Spears. The court hearing in Los Angeles ended the court agreement that had protected Britney Spears since 2008. She left a separate conservatorship in place with John Zabel, someone chosen by her lawyers. Judge Penny ordered that the singer’s care be transferred to Mr. Zabel “at once” because it was “in the Good interests of the conservatee.”

Britney Spears Singer 'on Cloud Nine' After Conservatorship Ruling

Britney’s lawyers want a new hearing in the next 30-45 days to decide if her conservatorship will end. Britney does not think she needs a mental evaluation and I do not either. Pandora Sykes, who hosts CSU Sounds’ Pieces of Britney podcast, told the CSU World Record Today program that the conservatorship would abide in place for a while. If it had been terminated, then there would have been no way for Britney’s team to look at Jamie’s emails.

‘Returning to port.’

A recent documentary said that a private security company has been surveilling Mr. Spears’s daughter. “By suspending him, they can make sure to look into this before deciding to end the conservatorship.” Sykes continued. In her Instagram post, Britney Spears told her sister Jamie-Lynn that she was going to bring the ship home. This means that her sister is in the same type of team as the North Atlanta Knockouts.

Jamie Spears was hired as his daughter’s guardian in 2008 because she had mental health problems. Earlier this year, Britney Spears said that her dad abused his position. Her dad and his team have denied these claims. Many people who support Spears on the #FreeBritney campaign are happy that things have changed this week.

A lot of people went outside the court on Wednesday. People also gathered in Trafalgar Square. Supporters outside the LA courtroom were happy when they heard the news. Mr. Elgar said it was good news and explained that Mr. Spears had been suspended and not fired so they could investigate more things that have happened. He said: “She is going to be free after all the things that have been happening. All her fans and media and documentaries put a lot of pressure on the court. Now, she will be free.” Alex Garcia said, “We were screaming our heads off when the news was announced. Everything we worked for is here.”

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