The town council rejected a home in Watford. It is in the conservation area.

The town council rejected a home in Watford. It is in the conservation area. The Watford council has rejected an application to build a residence called the Lilac House in the conservation area of Watford. The four-bedroom family home is set to be built in an area near two Grade II listed properties.

The application for Lilac House was submitted back in January by Woodlands Planning. The property is located along the St Albans Road near Watford’s south entrance at the junction with Croxley Green, close to Bentley Priory. It was initially applied for a replacement dwelling for an existing house just meters away on the same road. However, it has now been turned down due to its proximity to two heritage sites. If permission is denied, plans have not yet been drawn up for where the home will be built.

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“I’m so delighted this scheme has been refused,” said resident Peter Horton who lives opposite where the new four-bedroom property would be built and who started a petition against its construction earlier this year. “The design is awful and, from the start, I was adamant that this new house would spoil the skyline of Watford.”

“I’m confident that it will be refused,” he added. “This is a conservation area after all.”

Mr. Horton did not discover exactly what type of property would replace his own if approved, but he knew that it wouldn’t be an improvement on what’s there already. He said: “It’s going to look like a huge Lego box when they’ve finished with it. They can’t even work out how many windows there are yet so who knows?”

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