Youtube Star Mel Thompson, Makeup Influencer, Dead at 35

Youtube Star Mel Thompson, Makeup Influencer, Dead at 35

Mel Thompson, a makeup artist who produced content for more than 170,000 of her YouTube subscribers in a series of viral video demonstrations, died Sunday at the age of 35.

On Monday, Puffin Thompson confirmed the death of his “lovely” wife on Instagram, which has earned tens of chiliad of reactions in less than 24 hours. The influencer’s spouse announced his death while posting a collection of 10 happy photographs of the social media celebrity posing with family and friends, but the star’s official cause of death has yet to be disclosed.

“Mel sadly passed away yesterday. We’ve lost a wonderful person,” Puffin wrote to her 58,000 Instagram followers, adding that the announcement was “painful.” “I’ve had to respond to so many texts from people just checking in on her without even knowing she’d died,” he said. “It’s incredible to see how loved she was, and she loved you right back. I’ll keep loving her and missing her for the rest of my life.”

Despite battling undisclosed health issues that left her bedridden, Pearce’s grieving husband praised Mel as “such a pillar for” their family, adding, “She was surrounded by such love and care.”

“And no matter how terrible she felt, she’d still rub my back when I came home and leaped on to the bed next to her while she was working hard to create content,” he added.

According to an exposition who claimed to be a friend of Thompson’s, Mel had been suffering from several health difficulties, including Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. According to the Mayo Clinic, the latter condition is a “collection of inherited abnormalities that affect your connective tissues — particularly your skin, joints, and blood vessel walls.” People who have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome are more likely to get injured because their connective tissues do not provide the support their skin, joints, blood vessels, and other organs require. There is no known heal for the genetic illness, and treatment is typically focused on alleviating symptoms.

Because of a genetic mutation in their collagen formation, they can easily dislocate a knee or shoulder while performing simple activities. In others, damaged connective tissues cause leaky blood vessels, making those individuals more prone to internal bleeding. nd’s not unusual for sufferers to require major surgery at an early age, such as hip-replacement surgery



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Many of Thompson’s devotees took to YouTube to pay their respects, along with messages from fellow YouTubers such as James S. Welsh and Lisa Eldridge, according to the CSU.

“I’m sorry for your loss,” Hindash, a Dubai-based cosmetics business with 1.2 million followers, wrote in the Puffin comments after hearing about the passing of her namesake. “That’s terrible news.”

“Hey, Beauties!” was Mel’s most recent video, which she released three days ago.

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