What is National Voter Registration Day?

What is National Voter Registration Day

It’s National Voter Registration Day, which is a good opportunity to remind voters that they can register to vote at any polling place or government office. Start with where to register and prepare for election day by reading this article.

1. National Voter Registration Day

According to National Voter Registration Day website, “According to U.S. Census detail from 2020, as many as 1 in 4 allowed Americans are not registered to vote.” The nonpartisan civic holiday encourages everyone to consider registering in advance so that they may participate in future elections.

2. It’s time to register to vote.

When you arrive at the My Vote Wisconsin homepage, look to see whether you’re already signed up in the state. If not, it’s time to collect some information that will come in handy on election day.

There are two alternatives: register online or by mail. You, Will, need a valid Wisconsin Driver License or State ID Card to do so online.
Don’t have a government-issued identification card? “Eligible Wisconsin elector who does not have a current, valid Wisconsin Driver License or State ID Card may register to vote by completing the voter registration form and mailing or delivering it to their municipal clerk with a proof of residence document,” states My Vote.

Simply complete a few simple yes or no questions, record your voterNational Voter Registration Day registration certificate, and you’re ready to go on election day.

3. Creating a timeline

If there are less than 20 days until a local election, you will not be able to register to poll online or by mail. Don’t let it stop you from voting: You’ll still be able to register to vote on Election Day by printing, signing, and delivering your registration form, along with proof of residency, according to My Vote Wisconsin.

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