Tip Leads to Search for Man Missing for 10 Years in Butler County

Tip Leads to Search for Man Missing for 10 Years in Butler County

Ross Township police are looking for the remains of a Tip Leads man who has been missing for ten years. It is on Hamilton-Cleves Road right now, according to Police Chief Burt Roberts.

Someone told the police that they saw Billy DiSilvestro. So officers started to look for him this morning. They are using cadaver dogs, and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is investigating with them too. They were looking in a barn because someone said they saw him there.

Debbie Estes, DiSilvestro’s mother, has been looking for her son. She learned this morning that there was activity in Ross Township.
“I am feeling really mixed about this. I want it to be over, but I still think there are some good things, too.”

On Feb. 7th, 2011, “Billy D” left a house after a party and was never seen again. It was freezing on the morning of Feb. 7th, 2011. DiSilvestro was very old when he last lived. He left his mobile phone at a friend’s house. He had no money because he left his phone at a friend’s house.

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Detectives have followed tips to find DiSilvestro. In July 2011, a rescue team searched murky canal water for two days. They found nothing. Someone said that he had been killed and thrown into the water, but nothing was there when they looked.

In 2011, a retired Chicago policeman saw DiSilvestro’s face in a missing person’s ad. He thought he saw him at the gas station between Florida and Tampa, but he could not remember where it was.

In 2015, Butler County Sheriff’s detectives found out about a wooded area near New Miami. They searched the area with dogs. But they did not find DiSilvestro there because of the special dogs who did not see him in five hours.

In July, Butler County Sheriff’s Office Maj. Mike Craft said detectives acted on a tip and went to a location where someone found bones. But this lead did not work because there was nothing there.

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