James Spears Says Britney’s Estate at Risk, Claims Replacement is Unqualified

James Parnell Spears Says Britney's Estate at Risk, Claims Replacement is Unqualified (1)

On the day of Britney Spears’ most important conservatorship hearing, her father is loudly opposing the individual she wishes to replace him — claiming that he doesn’t have enough expertise or judgment to handle her $60 million fortune.

According on court documents filed by Robert J. Stillman, the conservator of Britney Spears, Zabel has violated his duty to preserve and monitor the singer’s mental health. According to Stillman, Zabel “has not implemented sufficient efforts” toward preserving and monitoring Britney’s mental health and personal safety during her hospitalization at UCLA Medical Center Jamie’s lawsuit is two-pronged: one part focuses on Zabel’s CV, while the second pertains to Britney Spears’s conservator, Robert J. Stillman, who has filed papers accusing John Zabel of being a certified public accountant. Jamie’s complaint is two-pronged: one aspect focuses on Zabel’s

In the documents obtained by CSU, Jamies writes that Zabel’s team has only provided Britney’s people with basic details about him, such as that he’s a CPA with “significant executive experience in finance and the entertainment business.” According to Jamie, this isn’t good enough. The fact that Zabel is an accountant, according to him,

Zabel has already begun building his empire, according to Branson. Zabel will have to “hit the ground running,” according to Branson, and Britney’s estate might be at considerable risk because he lacks experience. However, since he is unopposed, he may end up royally screwing it up due to a lack of previous

The other reason Jamie wants Zabel to be rejected is that he feels there’s no need for another person to take his place because there’s no proof he’s done a poor job. According to the reports, Britney and Rosengart disagree with this and plan on presenting evidence of Jamie’s on-the-job faults Wednesday in court.

However, since Jamie and Britney’s team — including her personal conservator Jodi Montgomery — have formally requested it, the first legal firm should be to dissolve the conservatorship, according to Jamie’s instructions.

Jamie’s argument is simple: there’s no need to name a substitute conservator unless the judge removes the entire conservatorship. That’s a big if, particularly because Britney, her father, and her lawyer want it done as soon as possible without a medical examination.
Let’s talk about extreme stakes. Wednesday’s hearing just became more intriguing.

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