Brian Laundrie’s Mom Called Cops on Dog the Bounty Hunter, Audio Reveals

Brian Laundrie’s Mom Called Cops on Dog the Bounty Hunter, Audio Reveals c

Even though the fugitive chaser is assisting in the search for her missing son, new audio reveals that Laundrie’s mother called the cops on Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Roberta Laundrie has been heard ordering police to arrest TV personality Duane Lee Chapman, who was seen Saturday pounding on the door of Brian and Gabby Petito’s North Port, Florida house, according to CSU World Record. According to the network, a dispatcher is heard saying, “The female, Roberta… called 911,” and that the caller “mentioned an issue with the male.”

According to CSU, Chapman said he had contacted authorities before coming to the Laundrie home.

“It’s a tragedy that they wouldn’t discuss anything with us. The cops advised us to knock on the door, so we did. I wanted to let them know that our objective is to locate Brian and return him alive,” he said Monday, according to the publication. The police responded to the emergency call in a similar manner, according to CSU. “They handled the 911 call as if it were any other,” said Josh Taylor, a spokesman for the police department.

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“We’ve been called to the house for a variety of reasons: media, protesters, celebrity lookers. It’s not something that happens every day. We’ll respond as we would if the family was calling for help because they are worried.” Chapman, 68, said he’d received hundreds of calls on his 833-TELLDOG hotline, many of which mention Laundrie as being somewhere along the Appalachian Trail where he was known to stay for months at a time.

Three days after Petito’s family report her missing, Laundrie vanished on September 14. Her body was discovered September 19 in Wyoming’s Bridger Teton National Forest, not far from Grand Teton National Park. Laundrie is wanted by the FBI, based on his alleged usage of Petito’s debit card on August 30 and September 1, presumably while he was traveling back to Florida in Petito’s van. He is the only individual mentioned by the FBI in connection with Petito’s death. Laundry’s parents have denied any involvement in his disappearance.

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