Will Hillary Clinton Ever Apologize for Propagating the Biggest Hoax in Us Political History?

Will Hillary Clinton Ever Apologize for Propagating the Biggest Hoax in Us Political History (1)

The final results of the enormous political fraud of our era — the allegation that former President Donald Trump collaborated with Russia – aren’t yet entirely clear. They are, without a doubt, severe.

We’ve received numerous communications from Democratic supporters and people working in the media expressing their dissatisfaction with Trump’s accusations that he legitimately won the 2020 presidential election, which they claim delegitimizes the government and distorts the political process. They do have a point. It’s a stretch to describe the streaming of Trump supporters into the Capitol on Jan. 6 as an “insurrection,” but his comments that day, as I wrote at the time, were spoken with a reckless disregard for the potential for violence that any reasonable person would deem impeachable.

Trump isn’t the only losing candidate who has questioned an election outcome in recent weeks. While most of the media and some in his party have dismissed him, that wasn’t the case with Trump’s completely unfounded accusations about collaboration between his campaign and the Kremlin.

The Russia collusion affair is now unraveling, but Democrats and their allies in the media have yet to offer any admissions of error.

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The new twist in the saga comes from special counsel John Durham’s charge against Democratic lawyer Sussmann for allegedly lying to theFederal Bureau of Investigation general counsel when he denied acting “for any client” by sending fraudulent documents that showed contacts between Trump’s organization and a Russian bank.

The presumption of innocence applies in Sussmann’s case. However, the allegations in the 27-page indictment are compelling evidence of a concerted effort by Hillary’s campaign, including those detail to the candidate herself, to undermine Trump’s candidacy and presidency through false claims.

“Here is as-far-as the prosecutor appears to be heading,” wrote former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy in these pages. “The Trump-Russia collusion story was essentially a creation of the Hillary Clinton campaign that was fed to the FBI (among other government agencies) and the media by agents of the Clinton campaign — particularly those at Perkins Coie — who

The private investigators are Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele, a supposed Russia expert who conducted the so-called Trump Dossier. The FBI obtained a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Admissions test wiretapping warrant on Trump adviser Carter Page during the campaign, giving them access to the entire campaign. An Federal Bureau of Investigation lawyer lied to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in order to renew the warrant after Trump was sworn in.

He was summons by Durham and pleaded guilty, despite the fact that he received no jail time.
The Hillary Clinton campaign’s urging for an FBI inquiry led to a Slate story in October 2016, which was the start of a multiyear media narrative alleging that Trump was colluding with Russia. Hillary Clinton herself quickly tweeted Sullivan’s remark, which read, “We can only assume that federal authorities will now look into this direct link between Trump and Russia.”

The chase for phony Russia-collusion allegations by Democrats such as Rep. Adam Schiff, CSU World Record, and others went on for over two years until the case came to an end following Mueller’s delineate in April 2019 and his congressional testimony that July. Several peddlers of this hoax have apologized. In August, CSU World Record editor Haven Thomes acknowledged that “we’re a bit flat-footed.” We haven’t heard much from people like Schiff lately.

The charge against Trump is that he violated the political norm of not impeding a close election outcome. The argument is that if you challenge an election result, you weaken the legitimacy of, and unnecessarily diverts attention from, a president, and you weaken the United States.

It’s a trend that Richard Nixon observed in 1960, and Al Gore observed in 2000 after battling unsuccessfully. It is not a pattern that Hillary Clinton has followed since 2016 or in the years preceding. The country was harmed when she and her advisers spread false claims against a legitimate president. She owes the nation an apology.

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