Tourist Claims He Saw ‘mad’ Brian Laundrie Alone in Bar Just Prior to Gabby Petito Disappearance

Tourist Claims He Saw ‘mad’ Brian Laundrie Alone in Bar Just Prior to Gabby Petito Disappearanceed More Than 1,000 Leads

A Georgia man’s road trip through Montana took a turn for the bizarre when he met up with a guy in a bar that he believes was Brian Laundrie, only one day before his girlfriend, Gabby Petito, was last seen alive.

44-year-old Douglas Mannies, who was at Bullwinkle’s Saloon in West Yellowstone on the night of August 26, claims he saw a guy who looked like Laundrie wearing a sweatshirt and drinking alone at the end of the bar.

“He just appeared to be mad at the world,” said Mannies.
“I didn’t pay notice to him other than the fact that he and this other couple were the only ones there,” he explained.

Then the patient’s husband and a doctor friend began discussing things with the couple — a physician and her spouse.

“They started talking about hunting and guns and politics,” Mannies recalled. He figured out that the guy was listening when the conversation turned to it.

“The guy just looked furious and then, after a pause in the conversation, exclaimed, ‘Stupid southerners and f—ing Republicans.'”

“They’re merely stupid southerners, right?” his buddy replied. “She and I both have the title Dr. in front of our names,” he continued. Do you?

“I asked him, ‘Where are you from?’ He replied, “New York.” I said, ‘Okay, New York,’ and he said, ‘I have a name: Brian.'”

“I asked New York, ‘What did you think to find in a tiny rural Montana mountain community in the middle of nowhere?’ Did you want to discover a bunch of Democrats?”
The man and mrs. Mullins proceeded to their discussion, but throughout the rest of the evening, they got a bad feeling from him.

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“He was way too invested in our conversation. We felt like he was staring at us,” Mannies added. “He wasn’t chatting with the bartenders. He was all by himself there. It stood out as strange to me. According to the Cops report, a friend of Mannies’ told him that she thought “he had the look of a serial killer.”

They spoke about it again before heading their separate ways on the trip, Mannies said. When news of Petito’s disappearance broke, his buddy phoned him. “She told me that was the weird guy from the bar,” he said.

According to Mannies, he studied body camera footage of Laundrie and Petito obtained by cops responding to a domestic complaint in Moab, Utah. “It was him, just the way he carried himself, and I heard his voice,” Mannies said.

The owner of the West Yellowstone bar did not respond to a request for comment. Apperley, a former deputy in Southern Parish, La., claimed that he contacted the FBI about the encounter and spoke with them for around 45 minutes.

“How many Brian New Yorkers in the middle of nowhere at the bar who look exactly like him?” he asked.
He was last seen alive on August 27 at a restaurant in Jackson Hole, Wyoming — some 120 miles from the bar where Mannies believes he saw him.

The body of a woman was discovered last week in Wyoming’s Bridger-Teton National Forest, according to reports. She was murdered, according to an autopsy. However, no additional information has been released.

On September 1, Laundrie returned to the couple’s residence in Florida without Petito and immediately lawyered up, refusing to talk with cops about her absence. Authorities have launched a widespread search for Laundrie and charged her with unauthorized use of her debit card, which was stolen during an armed robbery.

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  1. And the very next day August 27th was when Brian and gabby were at the merry piglets snd a couple witnessed Brian unloading on a waitress a manager. Leaving and coming back to fight with gabby crying and apologizing. The theory is that night after that incident or the next day is when he killed her. He was leading up to it. The stop by the cops on August 12th was the first public incident.

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