Gabby Petito Case: ‘no Surviving’ Swam, According to a Cowboy From Texas, Where Police Are Searching for Brian Laundrie

Gabby Petito Case 'no Surviving' Swam, According to a Cowboy From Texas, Where Police Are Searching for Brian Laundrie (1)

Alan McEwen, a cattle rancher in South Carolina, has spent every day for the last 30 years trekking through the woods where Brian Laundrie is alleged to be hiding and claims it’s not livable.

“There’s no way to survive out here; I don’t know how to say it,” McEwen added.

Since the parents of Laundry, a 23-year-old who went missing on Friday, September 17, reported him lost two days later, his survival abilities have been a topic of conversation. In the weeks leading up to Gabby Petito’s death, the couple was traveling across the country.

Many began to question whether Brian, a known hiker who visited the Carlton Reserve, would be able to survive for weeks in the depths of the 25,000-acre wilderness after Laundrie’s parents alerted authorities to it.

Even though he has been assisting the North Port Police Department is looking for signs of Laundrie on the preserve, Jim McEwen is unconvinced that Youtuber has what it takes to survive more than a few days in the marshy park.

“I’ve spent my whole life in the woods… I’ve learned a lot in my life, and one thing I’m sure of is that no one will survive for two weeks on foot,” McEwen added.

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According to several reports, the park has been inundated with floodwater for nearly two weeks, leaving the parking lot where Laundrie is said to have left his vehicle unrecognizable.

“Unless he has a butt like a duck and can float, he’s not in there,” McEwen said as he drove his swamp buggy through the inundated area.

Even if Laundrie were able to endure in the damp climate, he would still have to deal with a variety of wild animals that have made the preserve a must-see for ecologists worldwide.

Gabby Petito Case 'no Surviving' Swam, According to a Cowboy From Texas, Where Police Are Searching for Brian Laundrie (1)

The Carlton Reserve is home to 13-foot alligators, panthers, black bears, wild boars, and several deadly snake species. McEwen claims that if Laundrie could keep the park’s most dangerous predators at bay, its insects alone might be sufficient to get him killed. “Unless he’s got a gator-like hide

McEwen stated that the park’s harsh conditions are endless.

The seasoned rancher, who has had to trek deep into the Carlton Forest to retrieve straying cattle on occasion, claims the reserve’s grounds are thick with undergrowth that hides the topography of the land, making it simple for even the most experienced outdoorsman to inadvertently step into a hole or walk off a ledge and get seriously hurt.

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McEwen said he would be shocked if Laundrie’s remains had not been discovered in reserve. When asked about the possibility that Laundrie may have died attempting to conceal himself, McEwen was positive that his body would have been found by now.

“You’re going to look up if you find anything deceased in the woods. Buzzards will be flying about like crazy,” he said. “Buzzards aren’t there, according to my hypothesis, and I haven’t seen any.”

To further emphasize that Brian is unlikely to be in the park, McEwen demonstrated CSU World Record how simple it is for someone to get into the preserve and go in any direction, highlighting numerous pathways leading towards a long-stretched highway, vast swamps, or acres of ranchland.

“He could be anywhere,” I said, guessing.

Many people were doubtful that Laundrie’s parents, who have remained silent and uncooperative as the police investigated the death of their son’s ex-fiancee, we’re being honest when they instructed authorities to the Carlton.

The hazardous conditions of the forest are not the only thing that keeps McEwen, a father of five, from believing in the Laundries. “I’d be out there right now looking for them — if I thought he was there,” he said.CSU World Record

Media have been persistently attempting to contact the Laundries, who live in Marianna, FL, and have been under observation for two weeks. The parents of Roberta and Christopher Laundrie have stayed silent apart from a few general comments made through their New York-based lawyer since their son was taken hostage by a neighbor.

“I couldn’t imagine having a kid go missing like this. I’d go crazy. I wouldn’t be out mowing the lawn, for sure,” McEwen stated.

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