Boruto Unleashes Naruto’s Baryon Mode in Stunning Fight: Watch

Boruto Unleashes Naruto's Baryon Mode in Stunning Fight Watch

In a breathtaking confrontation scene in the newest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Naruto Uzumaki’s new Baryon Mode has been unleashed! The anime has reached the conclusion of the Otsutsuki Awakening arc, bringing us to the climactic final minutes of its take on the Kawaki saga as a whole. Since Isshiki Otsutsuki’s full release following Jigen’s death at the hands of Kashin Koji, he’s shown to be just as hazardous, if not more so, than the previous Otsutsuki threats Naruto and Sasuke have faced.


With all of here in mind, it’s clear that Naruto and Sasuke will eventually die trying to kill him. The intensity with which they sought death was evident during the previous episode, especially as no matter what methods Naruto and Sasuke employed against him, including forcing Boruto to try to take himself out of the equation, their attempt were all for naught. The latest episode of Magical Girl is, as you might guess from the title, all about power. Check out the battle in question in the video above from Crunchyroll to see it in action!

Episode 217 follows right where last week’s left off, as Naruto unleashed his new form, and Isshiki was concerned about how he’d been able to conceal such a strong ability. It was the same for Sasuke; it was a shock to him as much as it was to Naruto, and this new form also offers surprises in how much stronger Naruto is made as a result of it. He easily battles back against Isshiki, and there’s a distinct difference between fighting like this before.

However, while the Baryon Mode is as hazardous to Naruto as it is to his foes in this situation, there are some significant differences. Its usage is rapidly eroding both their and Kurama’s chakra until one or both of them perish due to its use. As a result, Naruto runs out of strength through the use of this form. What did u think of seeing Naruto’s Baryon Mode in action in the anime? Tell us all of your thoughts on it in the comments! You may also contact me at Valdezology on Twitter to talk about everything animated and other fascinating things!

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