Alejandro Mayorkas Says as Many as 12k Out of 17k Migrants Have Been Released Into the U.S., and ‘it Could Be Higher.’

Alejandro Mayorkas Says as Many as 12k Out of 17k Migrants Have Been Released Into the U.S., and 'it Could Be Higher.'

The Department of Homeland Security’s Alejandro Mayorkas said on Sunday that the majority of Haitian migrants who passed through southern border crossings in recent weeks have already been released into the country, and more may follow.

The Department of Justice has indicated that approximately 12,400 individuals are in Immigration Court right now with their cases being heard. Another 5,000 people are being processed by the Department of Homeland Security. Only 3,000 people are presently housed in detention facilities.

“It’s something like ten thousand or twelve thousand,” Mayorkas told “CSU World Record” when asked how many have been set free. He then acknowledged that the number might rise as the remaining 5,000 cases are processed. “It could be far greater. The number of returns that are sent back maybe even larger.” “We follow the law as Congress has written it,” Mayorkas continued.

“Based on our public health and public interest authorities, the administration will make decisions as to whether they will be returned to Haiti,” said the secretary. Marjorie Moore-Mayorkas, the commissioner of the Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families, said that those who are released have restrictions placed on them, “are kept under supervision by us,” and authorities “ensure their appearance in court as the law requires.”

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According to the Department of Justice, 44 percent of those who are released fail to show up for court dates. Mayorkas said that the system would function and that many of the thousands who have just been released would merely stay in the United States. “We have enforcement rules in place that identify individuals who are just border crossers and fail to appear for their hearings as enforcement priorities and will be removed,” he added.

According to Wallace, there are already 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States, but Mayorkas stated that this is only proof that the current system is “broken” and requires change. According to the Biden administration, around 30,000 Haitians illegally entered Del Rio, Texas, between September 9 and December 20. After hearing Maoyrkas’ account of how the government responded after the fact, Wallace wanted to know why they were not stopped.

“We bolstered our people and resources,” he added. Wallace inquired about why the people were not halted at the border and why there was no physical barrier in place to prevent this. “We do not support the construction of the wall,” Mayorkas added. “People have a right to seek humanitarian relief under the law. That is one of our most distinguishing features.”

After a photograph of an agent holding the reigns of his horse while chasing someone near the border appeared to show him using a whip, Mayorkas was asked about the narrative that border patrol agents were employing whips against immigrants.

When asked about the photos on Tuesday, Mayorkas said that they “painfully evoked the worst aspects of our country’s continuing fight against systemic racism,” but the photographer clarified that he has “never seen them whip anyone.”

Despite the evidence and a denial from the head of the National Border Patrol Council, President Obama continued to promote the idea that agents were flogging people, declaring, “those individuals will have to pay.” On Monday, Mayorkas explained the situation, simply stating that “the facts will determine what occurred” and that there is an investigation into it.

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