Tim Scott Slams Democrats for Walking Away From Police Reform Negotiating Table

Tim Scott Slams Democrats for Walking Away From Police Reform Negotiating Table

The police reform bill that was in the works for months, which collapsed when both sides gave up their efforts Wednesday, is being slammed by one of its co-authors. Republican Senator Tim Scott blasted his Democratic allies Senator Cory Booker and Representative Karen Bass for giving up the fight after bipartisan negotiations fell apart on Wednesday.

“I am devastated that members of the  have once again squandered a critical opportunity to advance real reform in order to repair our communities’ strained ties with law enforcement and people of color,” Scott said.

After George Floyd’s murder In the hands of Minneapolis cops, discussions between the two parties began. After discovering that the ideological gap with the Republicans was too large to bridge, the Democratic participants called off conversations. Qualified immunity, which shields police officials from civil liability for misbehavior on duty, was one of the issues that caused communication to stall repeatedly.

“Despite working collaboratively with and obtaining the support of policing organizations, it has remained out of reach right now, even after doing so.” “Unfortunately, despite this law enforcement support and further concessions we made, there was still too big a gap between our negotiating partners, and we ran into significant hurdles in achieving a bipartisan agreement.

From Scott’s standpoint, though, Booker and Basslet down the cause for police reform when it needed it most. “Crime will continue to rise while safety decreases and more cops will walk away from the force because my negotiating partners abandoned the table,” he mourned. Despite the failed legislative effort, Bass and Booker argued that the Democrats might pursue other means to implement police reform, such as through the executive branch, without relying on GOP support.

“The time has come to explore all feasible alternatives for meaningful and sensible law enforcement reform,” Booker urged.

The second petition, submitted by the Center for Constitutional Rights on behalf of three plaintiffs, asked the Biden administration to use its executive authority to establish police reform rules because the parties were unable to reach an agreement.
“We have no choice but to explore additional methods to end police brutality in the United States because our counterparts are unwilling to compromise,” she added. “I now urge President Biden and the White House to utilize all of their constitutionally mandated authority to bring about meaningful law enforcement reform.”

“Whatever they can do, we need the administration to act right now because we don’t have any confidence or optimism that we’ll be able to pass reform in the near future,” she continued.

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