Gabby Petito Case Sheds Light on Domestic Violence in Utah

Gabby Petito Case Sheds Light on Domestic Violence in Utah

The Gabby Petito case has drawn even more attention to the enduring problem of domestic abuse in Utah and around the country.
The Utah Domestic Violence Coalition expressed its sympathies to the family, loved ones, and friends of Petito, as well as those who knew her.

Members of the group praised the individual in Moab who phoned 911 after witnessing what they thought was a domestic violence incident involving Petito and her partner, Brian Laundrie.
“This terrible event was highly visible, bringing a great deal of attention to our community as a result of the incident that occurred in Grand County,” said coalition member Liz Sollis. “It also shed light on the fact that we have domestic violence throughout the state and country all of the time!”

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Domestic violence advocates argue that reporting a case like the one between Petito and Laundrie, which ended in murder, can be a significant first step toward receiving the victim’s assistance or help.
“I believe it’s critical to remember that domestic abuse can happen to anyone, at any time, and in any relationship. And so being aware of those signals is very important,” Solis added.

Unfortunately, domestic abuse cases are something that local police officers encounter on a daily basis.
“This case presents as a powerful reminder of the presence of domestic abuse in our society and what we all have to do as a community to aid in its reduction,” Solis added.

The organization wants to remind everyone and anyone who calls themselves a “sovereign” that help is accessible with dozens of experienced and committed professionals ready to assist people in abusive relationships.

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