What If…? Clip Features Party Thor, Skrulls and the Grandmaster

What If... Clip Features Party Thor, Skrulls and the Grandmaster

Party Thor is at it again, this time in a new clip from the most recent episode of What If…? He’s throwing another huge party with Jane Foster, the Grandmaster and Topaz, and a slew of Skrulls on the guest list.

ROtten Tomatoes has revealed an early look at the episode, “What If… Thor Was an Only Child?” which will focus on a world without Loki and presumably Hela. The episode also promises a fresh first meeting between Jane Foster and Thor, who is having an interstellar bash while in disguise as Jane Foster. Watch it below:

In the video, Thor asks a group of Skrulls to shapeshift into him, which amuses God. He then talks with Jane Foster in space, or Thor has his big party on Earth. The episode then shifts to the Grandmaster and Topaz enjoying some baked goods, in contrast to many of the recent episodes of the animated. Loki has dominated the year thus far. Between his incredible solo series on Disney+ and What If…?’s third episode, in which he finally gains control of the Earth after the future Avengers—including Thor—are slain, Tom Hiddleston and Loki have had a memorable run in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Thor, on the other hand, hasn’t been seen much. Not only was he quickly killed in his initial What If…? appearance, but he’s never been seen since then. But this week will change all that, as Loki will no longer be in the spotlight — or maybe in Asgard. Much of Loki explored who the second son of Odin is outside his relationship with Thor, and while Thor’s time in the MCU has focused on him away from his brother, this week’s What If…? will focus on a Thunder God who grew up without a rival.

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