Drake Fans Debate Whether He’s ‘bigger Than Michael Jackson in His Peak’

Fans are arguing about the two stars’ influence.

After being compared to Michael Jackson, fans on Twitter have gone crazy.

The Tweet, posted by Australian actor and singer D.J. Frankie Chikezie, prompted a heated debate when it asked whether Drake is bigger than Michael Jackson in his prime.

Drake said that he is like Michael Jackson on his new album. He said, ‘I am not sure if you know, but I am actually Michael Jackson.’

Some fans, however, seem to disagree.

Drake Fans Debate Whether He's 'bigger Than Michael Jackson in His Peak'
Drake Fans Debate Whether He’s ‘bigger Than Michael Jackson in His Peak’

When one Twitter user posted, “Is Drake in 2021 bigger than Michael Jackson at his peak?” the debate began.

Fans rushed to defend their selections, with a range of viewpoints on the issue.


This quote tweet went viral, as it featured a video of a large crowd gathering outside of a hotel where MJ was staying.

The fans flooded the streets in droves in an attempt to catch a glimpse of the celebrity, while the late legend went up on stage to wave to his adoring followers.

According to some fans, this amount of money is a slap in the face to Michael Jackson. “This is an insult to MJ,” said one fan. Delete this, bro, they wrote.



Another fan, on the other hand, took a different side: “Drake has already surpassed MJ in popularity.”

“Mj sold 7 million copies in the first week during an era when you had to goo out of your way to buy a CD,” another fan wrote.

“Drake will never touch those figures,” he adds, to which the camera cuts away.



Fans have gone to compare him to Eminem, writing, “Drake isn’t even near as big as Eminem was at his peak, and he isn’t even the biggest artist ever. Michael Jackson.”

The second tweet said, “It’s a stretch to claim half… that’s a stretch.”


“Drake is irrefutably clear of MJ in terms of vocals,” wrote one fan.

However, another fan shot back, noting that while he hasn’t resaved the ‘Thriller’ icon’s levels yet, he does have the ability, stating:

“Drake Is Good, But Not Great… Yet”



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