BTS Speaks At UN About Covid-19 Vaccines, #ARMYvaccinatedtoo Trends On Twitter

BTS Speaks At UN About Covid-19 Vaccines, #armyvaccinatedtoo Trends On Twitter

ARMY is made up of many fans. They have a new hashtag, #ARMYvaccinatedtoo, about Covid-19 vaccines. Any ARMY hashtag has a good chance of being important. So it was not surprising that this one topped the list on Twitter for the United States with 24,000 tweets by 9 pm today.

The hashtag emerged after a K-pop group spoke at the U.N. General Assembly today. Their speech was very believable. One of the members said to the Assembly, “Some of you heard that we were coming to the U.N., and many of you wondered whether we had been vaccinated.” And yes, all seven members received


“By some,” J-Hope may have meant millions because BTS has so many fans. You can go One Direction, but they won’t have quite as many stans as BTS does.

The globally recognized band performed in the General Assembly Hall to endorse the U.N.’s 2030 objectives. If you’re unfamiliar with the U.N.’s 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs), look them up. They’re really essential, and among other things, they include ending poverty and hunger, achieving gender equality, lowering inequality, and addressing climate change. If you don’t like such objectives, go to the kitchen and find a big pie. Push the pie hard into your face after finding it in the kitchen. “Every decision we make is the beginning of a change, not the conclusion,” said bandleader R.M. during his speech to the Assembly.
BTS’s attendance at the United Nations is part of its mission as a Presidential special envoy from South Korea. In his address to the U.N., South Korean President Moon Jae-in referred to BTS as “an exceptionally outstanding class of young men who are connecting with the youth all over the world.”

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