Ariana Grande Alleged Stalker Brandished Knife, Threatened to Kill Her

Ariana Grande Alleged Stalker Brandished Knife, Threatened to Kill Her

The man who pulled a knife on Ariana Grande’s security and got arrested at her home has been a bad person for months. He threatened to kill her.

Ariana Grande filed for a restraining order, and in it, she mentioned Aharon Brown had terrorized her for seven months. On the evening of September 9, when Ariana Grande was at home, things got out of hand. Brown showed up a third time, according to police, and this time he reportedly had a large hunting knife in his hand. When the cops asked him to leave, he got furious and started shouting.

Brown was arrested after police were notified, and he ran away. He was ordered to halt several times but refused. He was apprehended at last.

A law enforcement officer stated the alleged stalker would be released from prison. Therefore a restraining order was required. He’s still in jail, charged with two felony counts of making criminal threats.

“I am concerned about my safety and the safety of my family,” Ariana adds in her statement. “Mr. Brown will undoubtedly show up at my house again if I do not obtain a restraining order, and he will try to physically harm or murder members of my family or me,” she worries.

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