Friday Star Anthony Johnson Dead at 55 After He Was ‘found Lifeless in a Store’

Friday Star Anthony Johnson Dead at 55 After He Was ‘found Lifeless in a Store’

Anthony Johnson, the FRIDAY star who was “found lifeless in a shop” earlier this month, has died. A 55-year-old comedian was taken to the hospital after he was found in an unresponsive state in a shop in Los Angeles. C.S.U. Record reported it.

Anthony’s nephew told the outlet that he was pronounced dead in the hospital. What happened to him is unknown. In 1990, after landing the role as E.Z.E., he rose to prominence overnight. He was a member of the House Party and went on to pursue a career in stand-up comedy in Los Angeles. He was in movies like Lethal Weapon 3 and Menace II Society. He became famous after playing Ezal in the 1995 movie Friday.


It was rumoured that A.J. would be reprising his role in the forthcoming Last Friday film, the fourth and final part of the Friday series. He has appeared in more than 50 films and T.V. series throughout his career.

Friday Star Anthony Johnson Dead at 55 After He Was ‘found Lifeless in a Store’

This includes the likes of Moesha, Malcolm & Eddie, Martin, The Players Club, I Got the Hook-Up and its sequel.
Earle’s death comes just months after fellow Friday star Tommy “Tiny” Lister died aged 62. Tiny is most well-known for his role in the movie. He is called “Tiny”, but he is really tall, like 6’5″.

In December 2020, the famous actor was discovered “unconscious” in his Los Angeles home and died at the scene after previously battling Covid. The manager, Cindy Cowan, said that Tommy had been struggling to breathe for days before he died.


Cindy said that the actor tested positive for Covid earlier in 2020. “He felt like he was getting Covid again,” she said. “His blood sugar began to rise because he wasn’t feeling well. He said, ‘I’m starting to feel like I’m getting Covid again.'”

However, after a few days, Cindy reported that Tommy was still “having trouble breathing,” and she advised him he may need to have his lungs examined.

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