Big Little Lies Season 3: Release Date, Cast And Plot

Big Little Lies Season 3 Release Date, Cast And Plot (1)

Created by David E. Kelley furthermore founded on the novel of a similar name through Liane Moriarty, The HBO series “Big Little Lies” follows a killing case amongst wealthy people in Monterey, California. The show focuses on the perspective of mothers in this community – Madeline (Reese Witherspoon), Celeste (Nicole Kidman), Jane (Shailene Woodley), Bonnie (Zoe Kravitz), and Renata (Laura Dern). In Season 2, we learn more about what happened to these people after discovering who died and who killed them.

The series first aired its first season in February 2017 and was very popular. It got a lot of awards, even going to the Golden Globes and Emmys. People liked “Big Little Lies” so much that HBO made more episodes. They wanted the show to go on for a longer time. The show’s second season started in June 2019. It had many famous people coming back to play the same characters they did before.

People want to know if there will be a third season of “Big Little Lies.” The second season was well-received and showed that the story could continue. But it has not been confirmed yet. People on the show have said that they might film more episodes. We know this for sure.

Big Little Lies Season 3: Release Date?

Without HBO saying that Season 3 is happening, it’s hard to say when the new season will start. There was a two-year wait between the first two seasons. It will be even longer before Season 3 comes out. Season 3 is not even started yet. So, it’s hard to tell what the timeline will be like.

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The show’s creator, David E. Kelley, gave an interview about this year and said that if there is a third season, it will probably happen, but it will be a while because the lead stars have many other things to do. Kelley was interviewed by TV Line, and Kelley said that Nicole Kidman has five projects. Reese Witherspoon also has five projects. Zoë Kravitz is playing Catwoman in The Batman, which will be coming out soon. All of the actresses are very busy. But we love the show and our characters so much. None of us have provided up on the idea of bringing them back together.

Kelley said this season would be down the road. This means it is not happening soon.

Big Little Lies Season 3: Cast Detail?

The first 2 seasons of Big Little Lies have had five women and also men. These men are Adam Scott and Alexander Skarsgård. James Tupper is the husband of some of these people.. Season 2 of the show even brought in Meryl Streep, a famous actor. The other actors also want to come back.

Nicole Kidman said that she would like to have a Season 3 of Big Little Lies. She would like there to be more episodes. Nicole Kidman loves working with the other actors, and they all want to work together again. We are very connected now. People said we should do another season, and we talked to Nicole about it. We Facetimed with Nicole, and she said we should do another one soon!

Witherspoon said, “We’re trying to arrive up with the right story.” Then she asked about a possible Season 3.

Big Little Lies Season 3: Plot?

At the end of Season 1, the five women involved in Perry’s death say that he fell a flight of stairs. They covered for Bonnie, who pushed him down the stairs to protect Celeste from his abuse. Season 2 is about what the women went through that night. It also tells you how it affects their lives. Perry’s mother, Mary Louise (Meryl Streep), suspects the information of her son’s decease. The season finishes with Bonnie telling the other four women that she is passing to confess, as well as we see all five of them go into a police station together.

If the show continues into Season 3, there will be more episodes. Bonnie confessed in the last episode. There could be a trial for Perry’s abuse on record. A video of Bonnie abusing her daughter was used in court to get custody of her children. This also affects the rest of the group because they all lie to cover for Bonnie.

Kidman told Marie Claire in an October 2020 interview that Kelley and Moriarty have an excellent idea for Season 3. We can’t wait to see how it will turn out on the screen.

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