A Million Little Things Season 4: Release date, Cast and Plot

A Million Little Things Season 4 Release date, Cast and Plot (1)

The show is coming back to ABC. People were sad at the end of season 3, but it will come back soon. The network confirmed that the show would not be back on TV, but people could still watch it online. This means that they can find out if Alan and Katherine ever get together.


The show is about friends who are shocked when one of them commits suicide. The friends realise that they need to start living life finally, and the title means, “Friendship isn’t a big thing – it’s a million little things”.

The show is the same as other projects on TV, such as Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, This Is Us, and Queen Sugar. In the first three seasons, this show has been successful for the TV network. They want to have a good response from you in Season 4 too. Here’s everything we know about A Million Little Things Season 4

A Million Little Things Season 4: Release Date

New episodes of ‘A Million Little Things’ will start on September 22, 2021. The show will be on at 10 pm EST. You can watch the show on streaming services like YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, and fuboTV.

A Million Little Things Season 4: Plot

In Season 4, Leah is starting a new life and living in Los Angeles. She’s even got a job as a waitress and is dating someone new. But her friends still think about the events of Season 3, and we see what they each think happened to them after they heard Alan’s voice mail.

In 2021, there will be stories about the other members of the group from Season 3. We will see how their lives have been going since they tried to find a way to understand what happened.

The show has not finished yet, but the network has shown Episode 1 of Season 4. The episode starts with someone who is having trouble. After Someday closed and Tyrell’s mother was deported, Regina and Rome could keep their relationship together. Sophie feels both happy and sad about her mother. Delilah is forced to make a difficult decision. When Eddie gets closer to finding out who caused the accident, Maggie navigates a new career opportunity on the season four premiere.

A Million Little Things Season 4: Spoilers

A lot of things happened during the finale of Season 3. Gary has been showing signs of anger, like after Sophie was assaulted. He is sorry that he did that. He cannot forgive himself for his mistake. In the last episode, he loses his patience and goes after Peter for what he did to Sophie. The show did not show if Gary killed Peter for his wrongdoings, but it seems he will get close to doing something dangerous.

A Million Little Things Season 4 Release date, Cast and Plot (2) (1)

In the Season 3 finale, we saw that Delilah came back. Sophie got the courage to report Peter. She bumps into a police officer on her show and realises that he is the one who attacked her during the protest. She doesn’t go to the police station because she’s afraid.

Elsewhere, Katherine and Eddie agreed. This agreement was about what to do with Theo when they are not together.

A Million Little Things Season 4: Cast

All of the main actors will be in Season 4. David Giuntoli will be back in the show. He will play Eddie Saville. Allison Miller will play the role of Maggie Bloom again. Romany Malco will play Rome Howard again. Christina Moses will be playing the part of Regina Howard.

Other actors in the series are Grace Park played the role of Katherine Kim in the movie “Katherine.”, James Roday Rodriguez played Gary Mendez in the film, Stephanie Szostak is the actress who played Delilah Dixon, Tristan Byon is the actor who plays Theo Seville, Lizzy Greene is the actress who plays Sophie Dixon, The actress Floriana Lima is Darcy Cooper.

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