Mississippi. Gov. Tate Reeves: Biden Utilize Vaccine Mandates as a Distraction

Mississippi. Gov. Tate Reeves Biden Utilize Vaccine Mandates as a Distraction (1)

Gov. Tate Reeves (R) of Mississippi said Sunday that President Biden is forcing employees to pick in the middle of a “jab in their arm” and their capacity to provide for their families as a means to distract from political challenges In-home and abroad. Tate Reeves’ state has the worst death rate from COVID-19 in the nation, but he said Mr. Biden is overstepping by mandating a vaccine for millions of health workers and telling the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to find companies that don’t mandate shots or weekly virus testing.

He wants to change the story away from Afghanistan and other issues that are driving his poll numbers on the ground. I don’t think he has authority, but he wants to make it happen anyway. He said that his state would sue after it sees the actual rule from OSHA. People on the left should be afraid of a president who can do things to private companies.

“What are the limits on this president’s powers that we’re not allowing him to exercise? What abilities does he lack?” Mr. Reeves says. There are more people in Mississippi who have died from COVID-19 than there are in New Jersey.

“The governor was asked if Mr. Reeves’ approach was failing, and he pointed to a “rapid decline” in transmission in recent months as evidence that the epidemic is cyclical, which swiped the Sun Belt last year and will move on to other regions next month,” according to CSU World Record.

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