Is Cracker Barrel Really Closing Forever?

Is Cracker Barrel Really Closing Forever?

Cracker Barrel has been about for a long time and is very popular. It is in many states and makes Southern food that is delicious and also comfortable. The first restaurant was in Tennessee in 1969 by Dan Evins. He made the cornbread himself, and now they still do this in their restaurants. Many people from the restaurant order a lot of food. For example, around 11 million Chicken and Dumplings. Other menu items include pancakes, bacon, chicken tenders, moon pies, and more.

Cracker Barrel is an established brand does not mean that it can’t find people who want to spread rumors about it. Recently, someone started a rumor that Cracker Barrel was closing all its stores in 2021. The rumor began when someone saw an online ad that said this. But that is not true!

The Rumors Are False

The Cracker Barrel store is not going to be closed. There was a rumor that it would close, but Snopes proved them wrong. The ad claims that”Saying Goodbye: Stores are closing in the United States.” This article appeared on the Outbrain advertising network. Its origins are unclear. The link took people to a website that looks like it came from

As of May 2021, Cracker Barrel made the same amount of money as it did in 2019. But they did not make as much money in 2020 because it was when the pandemic happened. The company said it would not close down any of its stores. They will only do so if they are not making enough money. The company’s president as well as CEO, Sandra B. Cochran, said that “The pandemic is over. It’s 2019 now. We are getting closer to 2019 sales levels. Our company has the brand, and we’ll make sure that strategies will help us in the future.” 

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In 2020, Cracker Barrel was doing well. They were able to keep up 95% of their dining rooms across 654 stores. The only problem is that they are having a hard time getting customers. The restaurant chain even used front porch dining to get through the challenging year. The brand is looking to the future. They want to make an app so people can order food and stuff more manageable. Many restaurants are opening their doors again. Some offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Cracker Barrel welcomes guests back to their restaurants and does curbside pickup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner too.

The Last Year Still Had a Big Impact on Cracker Barrel.

Cracker Barrel may not be going out of business, but it is still tricky financially. You can tell this by looking at the company’s more recent moves. The Morning Star reported that the company will issue $275 million of senior convertible notes due in 2026. They can be turned in for cash if they are not fully or partially redeemed by their due date. So, what does that mean? Cracker Barrel wants people to buy their debt securities. This is a way of quickly raising money, but if the company can’t pay it back, they will lose them and the company.

Cracker Barrel made a press release about all of this. So, is Cracker Barrel being clever or desperate? It may seem like they are very creative because they have reached their profits again. But the stock price has fallen by 2.5%. They were talking about this before they did it. The decision to make this bet is more like a measure because of the problems with pandemics and other things in the casual dining industry.

Cracker Barrel will stay open. They might not be the same as before, but they can go back to being like that if they want.

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