The Witcher season 2: Release Date, Cast and Storyline

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After the Iron Throne was decided in the Game of Thrones finale, we had a short time for our next fantasy fix. This fix came from Netflix’s show, based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s best selling book series. The second period of The Witcher will begin on December 17. This is two years after the first season.

As expected, in the movie Superman Henry Cavill is back as the monster-hunting Witcher. Geralt of Rivia continues his adventures across the Continent. The second season of the show has a lot of different timelines. Geralt is now with orphaned princess Ciri, and they will soon meet the other character in this show, mage Yennefer.

The Witcher season 2: release date

The Witcher season 2 issue date has been confirmed. It will be on December 17, 2021. Woo!

The date marks two years since the first season. But it’s not a problem for fans. Showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich said that time was good for the show because it gave people more time to do their job, which is Season 2.

The Witcher season 2: Storyline

The second season is set to start soon, but sadly it will only be eight episodes long rather than the 10 of its predecessor.

It has taken some time, but we finally have more details about the storyline of The Witcher season 2, courtesy of Netflix‘s official synopsis. “Geralt is on a new quest and he must face his past in order to defeat ruthless killers and the ghost from his own future because he and Ciri (TBC) share a common destiny.”

The Witcher season 2 (2)

A lot is looking up for Geralt, though – we know that we’ll be seeing him reunited with Ciri and Yennefer (TBC), as well as meeting new characters like Triss (Anna Shaffer), Sabrina (Theresa Wilson Read) and Yarpen (Royce Pierson). At the same time, Triss’ friend Mimi (Mimî M Khayisa) will also appear.

The Witcher season 2: Casting

Netflix has confirmed the cast for The Witcher season 2 ahead of its release in December 2021. We’ll be seeing a whole multitude of new faces alongside Henry Cavill and Anya Chalotra, and it’s fair to say that there’s a lot of talent on board. Freya Allan and Joey Batey both return as Ciri and Jaskier, respectively. At the same time, sets are being built to support Carmel Laniado as Queen Meve, Agnes Bjornsdottir as Vereena, Paul Bateman as Lambert, Tom Canton as Filavandrel and Media Simson as Francesca.

The Witcher season 2: Characters

Netflix has announced several new characters set to appear in The Witcher season 2. They’ll be joined by returning cast members such as Freya Allans (Ciri), Joey Batey (Jaskier), Tom Canton (Filavandrel) and Anna Shaffer (Triss) – read on for the complete list…

Older Ciri: Played by Freya Allan, older Ciri is said to be “a bit like Sherlock Holmes,” and that she’s “much more sure of herself” than we’ve seen her before. It’s also been said that the character has a plan and is “on a mission” in the upcoming season.

Eamon Farren as Cahir – Eamon Farren is The Witcher season 2’s most prominent new addition and will be fetching on the role of Cahir, who was last seen in Blood of Elves. It sounds like we’ll see a very different side to the character in his older age – there’s also been talk that he plays an essential part in Ciri’s story.

The Witcher season 2: Storyline

Netflix has revealed that The Witcher season 2 will start with Geralt (Henry Cavill) and Yennefer (TBC) trying to track down Ciri (Freya Allans), who has gone missing following her battle with the White Frost. We’ll also be seeing Geralt reunite with Yennefer and meet his former lover Triss (Anna Shaffer), while he’ll also learn more about Ciri’s past.

The Witcher season 2 will see several new characters, including Queen Meve (Lars Mikkelsen) and Mimi, Sabrina (Theresa Wilson-Read) and Lea – a friend of hers from prison. Meanwhile, Jaskier is set to return in some form, alongside familiar faces Lambert (Paul Bateman), Filavandrel (Tom Canton), Tissaia (Media Simson), Eskel (Basil Eidenbenz) and Francesca Findabair in a guest role. The Witcher season 1 was an international success, but it looks like The Witcher season 2 could be set to take things up a notch. The series has already been renewed for a third outing, while Henry Cavill’s role in Netflix’s recently-announced Cursed sounds familiar. As always, though, we’ll have to wait and see whether the live-action show can match its video game counterpart – either way, though, there are plenty of reasons to get excited about its return.

The Witcher season 2 news, leaks & rumours Is Geralt finally reunited with his lost love? After ending on one hell of a cliffhanger, it feels like we’ve had to wait forever for more details upon The Witcher season 2. Fortunately, though, our patience is set to be rewarded with the news that Netflix has released a list of throw members who will be appearing in the upcoming season.

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