Jennifer Lopez Said She Doesn’t Belong in Hollywood and Feels Like an Outsider

Jennifer Lopez Said She Doesn't Belong in Hollywood and Feels Like an Outsider

Jennifer Lopez, an actor in Hollywood, said that she feels like an outsider. At first, this sounds crazy, but when you think about it, you can see her point.

Jennifer Lopez has a new video on her J Lo Beauty Instagram account, where she appears. She revealed that while promoting her Sephora goods, she feels like she doesn’t belong in Hollywood all the time. That might appear ridiculous at first glance… she has 30 features to her name, yet she feels like “an outsider.”

“I believe that for me, I know it is critical for all of us to feel like we belong,” said Ben’s girlfriend. “There are so many times in your life when you feel like an outcast; I feel as though this happens in Hollywood at times.” Now she can tell people how she feels because she wasn’t nominated for “Hustlers.” That was surprising since there is a lot of buzz about her being nominated for an Oscar. Tyler Perry went off on the Oscars, saying that she richly deserved to be nominated too.

There are a lot of celebrities who aren’t recognized by the center of Hollywood… and it’s mostly jealousy and ego. J Lo receives more publicity for things she accomplishes than just about anybody else, which probably irritates other actors who don’t get the same amount of attention.

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