Actor Jamie Foxx Got Very Upset When Actor Michael K. Williams Died

Actor Jamie Foxx Got Very Upset When Actor Michael K. Williams Died (1)

Jamie Foxx talked about Michael K. Williams and said he was a good person. He used words that showed he really cared about Michael. It made people feel sad but also happy because they knew someone cared for them even though they were gone.

Jamie Foxx was about to depart Caffe Roma in Bev Hills on Friday; After all of that, we decided to leave the conversation at this point. This is not about what you say or how you talk about him in front of others; it’s more about the way you feel when faced with these situations.

Jamie said MKW was better than the other people. He said he is like Joe Morton and Samuel L. Jackson. Jamie Foxx  was sad because his friend died. They had eaten dinner and talked about life just a few weeks ago. Jamie thought Michael should be honored with the award. They said that he lived an artistic life and that he deserved it. Michael was nominated for an award for his work on “Lovecraft Country.” He was always going to be given this award.

If he triumphs, his nephew Dominic Dupont will accept the award on his behalf. Jamie has some straightforward advice for Dominic on what to say and how to say it. Michael was found dead on Labor Day in his Brooklyn apartment.

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