Shikizakura: Release Date, Characters And Plot

Shikizakura Release Date, Characters And Plot (1)

Shikizakura is a new anime series. It will be 12 episodes, and it will be finished by 2020. There was more information in 2019 about the cast members, theme song, and visuals. The release date was changed to 2021, and we now see new information about the series come out more frequently.

Although there isn’t much information about the show, it appears to be animated in both real and computer graphics. It’s about a teenage girl who fights “Oni,” which are demons. The show looks like it has lots of action and suspense, which we can see from the trailers. Here is what we know so far about the show “Shikizakura.”

Shikizakura: Release Date

“Shikizakura” is coming soon. It will be on TV in October 2021. The Fandom Post reported that it had been picked up by Sentai Filmworks and HIDIVE, who will take care of American distribution. HIDIVE said the show is coming in October, but they did not say when exactly.

This anime is not from a manga. A man named Hayato Aoki wrote an adaptation of it. It’s in the magazine Futabasha’s Monthly Action and is still going on. In the U.S., one episode was shown at Anime Expo Lite during a live-streaming event by Shikizakura, but you cannot see it again because no one recorded it.

Shikizakura: Cast Detail

The main character in “Shikizakura” is Sho Miwa (or Miwa Kakeru). He becomes part of the team that fights the Oni. Other characters in the series include Kippei Nagatsu, Ōka Myōjin, Ryō Hattori, Kaede Naruse, and Ibara.

Shikizakura Release Date, Characters And Plot (2) (1)

Some of the characters in this anime look like students from a Japanese school. Ibara is dressed in a full armored bodysuit. There are seven main cast members, and all of them were picked from auditions by NYK Promotion. In 2019, at Los Angeles’ Anime Expo, staff also held an audition for an English-speaking role in one episode of the series.

Most of the people who work on the show live in Nagoya, Japan. Some of these people are also board members at Sublimation.

Shikizakura: Plot

Kakeru gets involved in a battle with an Oni that appears from another world. The Oni eats people. A powered suit called Yoroi combines modern technology with ancient techniques to protect people from getting possessed by demons. Kakeru gets one of these suits and becomes a semi-regular member of the heroic team that’s trying to get rid of the Oni and defend Myojin Ouka, who is a shrine maiden.

The word “Shikizura” is a place where the human world and the demon world intersect. Kakeru’s encounter makes him think about helping the good guys fight their battles against the oni. There might be some dance involved–we think it involves a shrine maiden.

Beyond that, viewers may have to wait until October to know what the show’s all about. But this is not long. People have already waited a long time.

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