Rapper Spotemgottem Shot in Miami Road Rage Incident

Rapper Spotemgottem Shot in Miami Road Rage Incident (1)

Spotemgottem is recovering in a Florida hospital after A man was shot multiple times in a Miami road rage incident.

A rapper was in a car that was shot. They were on the side where the driver sat. Police responded to a call about it and helped out. This happened at 3 AM on Friday. Some people in a car were shooting at another. The driver was shot in their hip, and Spotemgottem was shot twice, but they’re both okay now.

Spotemgottem’s manager tells Csu world Record that the rapper was in the passenger seat of his car when another car pulled up next to them and shot Spotemgottem’s car with an automatic weapon. The rapper’s manager says Spotem was in a car when the shooting happened. He is going to be okay.

Spotemgottem has made music with DaBaby, Polo G, Pooh Shiesty, and NLE Choppa. Law enforcement is still looking for the person who shot someone. They want to find that person, and they need help from anyone with information about who did it.

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