22-year-old Missouri Officer Still in Training Shot and Killed by a Suspect

22-year-old Missouri Officer Still in Training Shot and Killed by a Suspect

A 22-year-old Missouri police officer died from a man who was wanted. He used a weapon to shoot the police officer.

“It’s always been a really good, tight-knit community – for the most part – in neighbourhoods,” Connie Donahoo told TV. “But it just seems like everything is out of control now. Everybody is scared and on edge. We want peace and quiet in our city.”

Police were called to a home around 11:30 on Wednesday. Police got a tip that the wanted man was in this area. They found the man, and he fired shots at them, too.

Officer Blaize Madrid-Evans was shot and taken to the hospital. He died following the shooting. The shooter is 33-year-old Cody L. Harrison of Gladstone, Missouri. He was shot and killed by another police officer who shot at him when he opened fire on Madrid-Evans.

The Missouri Department of Corrections lists Harrison as wanted but did not provide details on their arrest record. They did not respond to CSU World Record’s request for comment. In 2011, Harrison pleaded guilty to shooting a gun from a car at someone or into their car and was sentenced to 15 years in jail. He has now been released for unknown reasons.

Madrid-Evans began his career in Kansas City, Missouri, at the Regional Police Academy. He was still finishing his training when he died. Madrid-Evans leaves behind a fiance. Police say that people are in a state of shock after what happened. They are just trying to figure out the next steps.

CSU World Record reached out to Independence Police for comment on the death, but they did not provide any more details. The Missouri State Highway Patrol is investigating the shooting. This investigation might take a while, and we don’t know how long it will be.

Sgt. Andy Bell from the Missouri State Highway Patrol said that officers are trained to resolve problems peacefully, and it is a shame when the violence of this kind takes someone’s life.

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