Ozzy Osbourne Scheduled To Have Another Spinal Surgery

Ozzy Osbourne Scheduled To Have Another Spinal Surgery (1)

Ozzy Osbourne is going to the hospital for surgery because he fell down and hurt his back. He can’t go on tour right now. A man named Ozzy has been working hard in rehab since he had surgery. His wife says it is clear there is more for him to do. Sharon is excited about her husband coming back onstage. She prays for this every day.

Ozzy was going to go on a European tour in 2019, but he got sick with the flu. The flu turned into pneumonia, and he had to go to the hospital. When he came home, he tripped on a rug in his bedroom and landed head first on a bedside table.

A 16-year-old injury made the fall worse. Ozzy went back to the hospital and was in a lot of pain. He thought he was going to die, but then he had surgery again, and now he is better.

After the surgery, Ozzy had to spend a long time in rehab. He couldn’t perform with his band anymore because of the surgery. But he could still sing, so he wrote songs for a new album called Ordinary Man. A year after the surgery, Ozzy announced that he was also diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Despite everything, Ozzy has been exercising every day. He’s trying to be healthy. His children say that he was doing well before COVID-19 came and made it harder for him to exercise.

“It was like that one after the other, and it’s like, ‘Woah, just a minute, you know?'” Sharon added.”It makes you sad that he wants to go back. He misses his friends, his musicians; they are his partners. He misses that life.”

She is hopeful that her husband will get better and go back to being healthy. There are many times when they have beaten the odds. Now, he has Parkinson’s disease, which is not a problem because it can be controlled.

“I’ve had cancer twice. My son has [multiple sclerosis], and we are used to dealing with major health problems.”

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